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Different Ad Types That Facebook Has Introduced Over Time


Facebook today has more than 1.59 billion active users every month! This is the reason brands consider this platform as the best option to experiment with advertising to reach a wider set of audience. As compared to many other types of advertising, social advertising is the most

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How Important Is Mobile Website Speed For Local Businesses?


Having a mobile website has become more of a necessity than an addition to the profile of web owners today. If you want users to shop at your local business, you need to ensure fast and positive mobile user experience. Businesses with mobile websites have twice the

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A/B Testing Tools To Increase Your Mobile App Installs


With more than 6,00,000 apps competing with one another for sales in an app store, marketing your mobile app may feel like hardcore work. Choosing the right features for your app decides its success and failure. Before marketing your app, you should do a complete research, analyze

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What Are The New Features Announced By Moz Pro?


On February 2016, Moz Pro announced some new features that can help you get a lot of value out of your keyword rankings reports. There is a lot that you can analyze now – your campaign’s full rankings history, better segment to your rankings data, specific date

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Who Has Won And Lost with Google’s New SERP Layout?


You might be aware of the desktop ad layout change that Google had recently announced, where it stated that text ads in the right side bar on SERPs have been removed, and four ads will be shown at the top above the organic listings and three ads

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No Text Ads Will Be Seen In The Right Sidebar Of Google SERPs


On 19th February 2016, Google announced that desktop SERPs will no longer show text ads in the right sidebar. This is true for Google and Google search partners as well. Instead, the three ads that are shown in the mainline area above the organic listings will be

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What Is AMP And How Will It Affect Marketers?


In October 2015, Google had announced the introduction of its new project about Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP in short), which would be an initiative to improve the performance of the mobile Web. This latest move with a goal of a better and faster mobile internet is

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Google Translate Is Now Available In 103 Languages


Google Translate, a free multilingual translation service provided by Google to translate text, images and videos from one language to another, has been a very useful tool for finding out what websites are saying and a good way to communicate when you are in a country that

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Steps For Profitable Outreach Marketing


Outreach marketing is a practice that hunts for individuals or groups of people who have the same interests that your business has to offer. This is a marketing strategy mainly used for branding purposes, where the company connects with the right kind of audience at the right

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What Are Mobile Gestures And How Important Are They?


Today, as we know, people are finding smart phones really convenient not only because they are smart but also, because of the highly convenient touchscreen. But, what is the process behind the touchscreen concept? It is the gestures that we use. After mobiles and tablets, now even

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