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Tool to Report Scraped Content Ranking Higher Than Original Content

Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts made an announcement on Twitter informing about a new tool which lets Google to know about scraped content that outranks than original content. Scrapper Report Form, the new tool which allows to alert Google about instances just in three simple

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Google Places Guideline Update – Descriptors in Business Title

Google announced that it has made some changes to the Google places Quality guidelines, specifically for business names so that business owners can know what they can name their business within Google local and what they cannot. For Google Place Account Only Business owner or their authorized

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Website Development Life Cycle

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Yahoo Is Aiming To Bring Back Search Technology

Yahoo reportedly wants out of a deal that ties its search services to Microsoft.  According to Re/code post, Yahoo CEO Mayer is pushing two new initiatives called “Fast Break” and “Curveball” that could position Yahoo once again as a player in Web search and the lucrative search-advertising

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Google Increased Number of Categories Available Internationally

Google announced a major increase in the number of categories available internationally. Google business community manager Jade Wang posted an announcement in Google Product Forums, saying that the move comes based on feedback from merchants. Wondering, why hadn’t they already done that? She writes: Imagine you’re planning a

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Achieve Greater ROI With Effective Website Design and Online Strategy

A website is your online storefront, an effective website design and online strategy is a crucial ingredient to achieve success in the business. Most web stores are informational giving details for the products stocked by a certain company. However there are web stores that actually sell products

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Save Your Business Cost and Time With Content Management System

Earlier website creation and maintenance required significant technical skills (HTML, Programming). As the web became more popular and the demand increased for more content and more frequent updates a new generation of website appeared. This new generation of websites had a new layer of software called a

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How Do You Prioritize Keywords For SEO?

Prior to starting SEO, the first step is to determine which phrases that you want to appear in the search engines for. This task actually involves a fair amount of thought and investigations. Just think, if your site shows up as the top search result for wrong

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Google Search results with a Knowledge Graph popup

Google has updated its search by integrating encyclopedia style facts and figures directly into its results page, speeding up information gathering. Gone are the days where entering a keyword into a search engine and getting back relevant URLs was convenient enough, but now Google is continuing to

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Higher Search Engine Ranking With Quality Link Building Strategies

Why Link building is one of the most important SEO factors in achieving higher rankings within search engines? In order for your site to rank well and achieve visitors from its natural ranking potential, it is critically important that your site attracts relevant inbound links from other

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