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How To Use Hover Effects – The Latest Design Trend – Effectively?


Animations have returned to the website design scenario, and they are making their way in since the past year. To be specific, it is the special hover effect that is becoming the latest design trend of 2017. But, instead of the flashy, bouncy, shoddy effects that were

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Which WordPress Plugins Can Increase Your Social Media Presence?


We all know the power of social media today. Getting viral on social media is the best way to bring your brand in front of a large audience from across the state, country, and also across the globe! WordPress has multitude of plugins that allow sharing of

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Why Don’t Website Visitors Convert To Customers?

You may be getting lots of traffic to your site, but yet you don’t receive a good amount of conversions. People land on your site but don’t purchase from you. Why!? There could be multiple reasons like unattractive website design, poor navigation, inappropriate content, etc. This blog

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How To Easily Manage Multiple WordPress Websites?


Having multiple websites means managing each one individually, and that means lots of time consumed, lots of hassles, and lots of headache. Every time you need to perform updates, you need to log into each site separately, and that means remembering multiple passwords. So, either you quit

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SEO Ranking Factors For 5 Different Industries Explained!


SEO! SEO! SEO! It’s all about ranking higher on SERPs for businesses with websites, and SEO plays the most crucial part here. But, with millions of websites in every niche, how do you make yours land up on the first page of major search engines? The easiest

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4 Tips To Revive Your Languish Website


Are you concerned about having a site that has been inactive for quite long, or one that is not seeing the kind of required traffic coming in? For a site to be successful, it needs to be useful and relevant for the visitors, while also being well-designed.

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Boost Your WordPress Theme Development Remarkably!


Developing a theme requires an effective approach to get started. Themes are the most important element responsible for driving a site because they determine how the site will look and behave. A theme consists of several template files that are present in the “Themes” folder in WordPress

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eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Guide


If you are into the eCommerce business, you would be striving to serve all your customers well by taking orders and offering a great customer experience by delivering the right products at the right time at the right place. With so much of competition around, it is

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How Can You Keep Pace With Google In 2017?


With more than 3 trillion searches every year, Google has always been making changes to its algorithms keeping in mind the various advances that can benefit the users. It has always been making things easier for its visitors and searchers. It came up with changes on its

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How Can Colours Affect Conversions On Your Site?


Colours have proven to have a measurable impact on attitudes and emotions of people viewing them. Speaking of online content, certain colour schemes can produce highly different results in terms of conversions, even if the content is exactly the same. People find themselves reading something that has

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