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How To Combine Responsiveness And Accessibility In A Web Design?


Accessible websites are those that are built to support all browser types and for those users with disabilities like visual impairments, difficulty/inability to use hands, hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities and more. Responsive websites are those that provide the finest viewing experience across a wide range of devices,

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Working Towards Global SEO Success


Everything is going global today. A majority of businesses are striving to make a global presence, for which they are working hard to gain visibility on SERPs. But, with thousands of businesses in every field and every business competing with another, is it going to be easy

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Google Will Soon Penalize Sites With Intrusive Interstitials


On April 21, 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in SERPs. This Mobilegeddon was an effort to make the Web more accessible to users by supporting mobile-friendly sites in mobile SERPs. Deciding whether a page is mobile-friendly or not

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Guidelines To Reduce Mobile Page Loading Time


At the end of 2015, India had around 239 million smartphone users. And, this number is expected to rise to more than 700 million within the next 5 years! Out of these millions of smartphone users, more than 60% prefer browsing on their mobiles rather than desktop.

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Should eCommerce Businesses Blog?


We all know how blogging has lots of benefits. It helps you produce new content on your website; it lets Google and other search engines notice you; and thus, helps in gaining better ranks in SERPs. But, how beneficial is blogging for an eCommerce store? If you

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Released – WordPress Version 4.6 With Exclusive Features!


Just after 4 months of the release of WordPress version 4.5, another release – WordPress version 4.6 has been released this week. It is the second major release in the year 2016, and comes with several new features and improvements, which you will learn about in this

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How To Boost Your eCommerce Sales During Off-Season?


Every business experiences great challenges during its off-season every year. And, so does the eCommerce business. There is a downfall in customers and sales, no matter how grand or renowned the store is. But, some businesses know how to just keep up with the off-season and cope

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Tips On Placing Ads On Your Website


Branding strategies do not involve only getting your brand noticed; it involves a lot more. You need to build trust and develop brand awareness too. One way you can achieve this is by selling space on your Webpage for ads. As was the case earlier when placing

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The Don’ts Of Web Designing


The design of a website is the element that attracts or repels the viewers. In spite of having great content, if you have a poor web design, it is still going to drive away the users. So, you need to pay great attention to the design of

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Which Image Format Is The Perfect One For You?


Images are one of the best ways to attract visitors on your page. For blogs and other content related pages, images are a way to keep the users interested. On the other hand, for eCommerce stores, images are the most important elements based on which users make

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