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How can Designers take Technology to the Masses?


Designers are people who can serve as a bridge between creativity and technology and thereby take technology to the layman. As a designer you can use your expertise to teach a wide range of subjects – be it a new language or simplifying new technologies. So how

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Twitter’s “App Graph” to monitor your Mobile Apps


In a bid to build a more personal experience for its users, Twitter has announced the launch of “app graph”, a feature which allows tracking the third-party apps installed on its users’ mobiles. This feature will, therefore allow the company to see the various applications that have

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How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Business


Use of social media sites in order to increase traffic and expand reach of your website is known as social media marketing. With majority people spending a good amount of their waking hours online, it is only sensible that you market yourself well on all the major

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Flexible Commerce with Drupal Commerce


The recipe for a great online store is a perfect integration of shopping cart platform with a content management system (CMS). An integration of both the platforms provides your customers with a simple and easy way to go through your store and place orders. It is at

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Responsive Web Design Boosts Your Website


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the process to design a web page in such a manner that the end user gets an optimal viewing experience on all the viewing devices – right from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. Easy reading and smooth navigation with minimum scrolling,

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Important SEO practices to keep in mind for 2015


The rules of Search Engine Optimization change almost every year. The only thing which does not change is the basic SEO rules. Therefore if you stick to some of the basic rules you can surely beat the crowd and make a lasting impact. Here are some of

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How to choose a CMS for your website?


Content Management System (CMS) has surely changed the way web content can be managed. Now even a non-technical person can easily add, edit as well as manage the web content. CMS allows intuitive user interface, which makes it simple to build and modify web content as well

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Disable the (annoying) Blue Ticks on WhatsApp


Are you one of those who woke up one morning and saw two blue ticks on every message you sent? Did someone tell you that they know you have already read their message on WhatsApp? Well, as of now we are sure you know who the culprit

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Google Nexus 6 – Preorders begin in India


Google’s much awaited Nexus 6 is set for pre-orders in India. A product of US based Motorola, Nexus 6 is the first phone to come with Android 5.0 Lollipop pre-loaded in it. Powered with 805 quad–core processor, this gadget has surely redefined multi-tasking in an innovative manner.

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Amazon Echo – A Genie in a Cylinder


Targeting the smart automation market, Amazon has recently launched its Amazon Echo – A speaker-cum-personal assistant. Designed to be controlled by your voice, Amazon Echo is a cloud–connected gadget and runs on Amazon Web Services. This 9.25 inches high cylinder is powered with advance audio design and

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