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Tweaking Title Tags To Increase Traffic And Rankings


If you are wondering whether title tags are yet important even today in SEO, the answer we will give you is that probably they are. They still do matter even after the innumerous changes that Google SEO has gone through. While some may say that the importance

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10 Link Evaluations Done By Experts


Links today on the Web count as votes. Pages that receive more votes become more important, and rank higher. Also, more important pages cast more important votes. Thus, links are no longer equal. Considering this fact, we have come up with certain link valuation principles that have

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Delivering JSON-LD Recommendations In A Structured Manner


When working with websites having hundreds and thousands of pages, it is a challenging task to add markup. And, when you wish to JSON-LD on all the pages, you can just imagine how daunting that may be! Well, but if you really have to, here are some

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Are You Making These SEO Split Test Errors?


SEO split testing is an essential tool for an SEO who wants to call themselves data-driven, and wants to ensure that the efforts being put in are going to lead to more traffic. But, there are certain mistakes that are generally made while setting up and measuring

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Understanding Technical SEO Strategically


Technical SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. You know that, which is why you are investing all your time and efforts into it. But, are you getting the results that you are expecting? No, right? Then, you are probably thinking about technical SEO in the

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How To Design A Website In 5 Simple Steps?


Web design services in India are hired to create websites with a focus on both appearance and technical matters like coding, content management, and wireframes. Great designing is thus not only what looks great, but also one that aligns with an all-embracing strategy. Well-designed websites therefore attract

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Google’s Major Redesign Change – Good Or Bad For Brands?


Google has recently announced a major design change for mobile search results. It has replaced the greed Ads indicator with black bold text. What we need to consider with this change is if Google has gone too far. Does this change blend ads and organic results? Well,

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How Can You Boost Client Retention With SEO Reporting?


SEO reporting has always been pictured as an activity that utilizes a lot of time, which could have been used on other important jobs otherwise. Moreover, even after the enormous amount of time put in, it isn’t guaranteed that the client will read the report! However, even

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How To Index And Rank New Content Faster?


Speed has always been one of the top factors affecting SEO. And, there are a number of ways in which you can publish new content and find it ranking higher on SERPs as quick as possible. This blog will show you some of the top easiest ways

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How Can Visualizing Speed Metrics Improve SEO And UX?


Site speed is of great importance to satisfy users, bring them to your page, have Google to like you, and thus boost your ranking. But how does that work? Let us see how Google understands speed metrics. We will also see why all of this actually matters,

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