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Guidelines For Planning A Local SEO Strategy


A few years ago, when Google was just founded, say around 15 to 20 years back, one of the greatest challenges for businesses to be found by new customers was to have a bigger banner, magazine or newspaper ad. However, today it is a completely different outlook.

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How To Have A Super Fast Website?

Almost every other Internet user is using his mobile to surf the Web. And, there are hundreds and thousands of websites available for one search term. Moreover, in this busy world, people are looking for faster ways to gain access to everything; and same is the case

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What To Do After A Google Algorithm Update?

The only one thing that SEO sticks to is change. SEO is constantly changing every day, and in fact Google has reported that the search algorithm changes around 500 to 600 times every year! However, this big number consists of very tiny tweaks, which are not even

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Web Development – What You Must Not Do

Web development is not an easy task. There is so much to accomplish with so much finesse that the entrepreneur you are building the site for is highly satisfied with your work, which adds to your credibility. Moreover, with so much competition around, you need to be

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How To Have A Compelling Call-To-Action?


Do not underestimate a call-to-action (CTA) button or link. Any mistake or carelessness in setting up a CTA can result in lost sales and conversions. Today, many business professionals are taking up the task of handling their own website design, which is why lots of tiny little

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Web Design Trends Of 2016 And Creating Their Prototypes


Web design trends are ever changing and evolving for the better. The year 2016 has also seen some exclusive Web design trends like card layouts, parallax scrolling, material design and flat design. Let us take a closer look at each one of these and learn how to

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How To Design An Effective Mobile App?


Majority of people now use their smartphones for browsing the Web. This has made it important for website owners to design their websites for mobile. Moreover, people are highly relying on mobile apps too. So how do you create a compelling mobile design? Take note of the

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How To Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage In Digital Marketing?


When you have something that your competitors don’t have yet, you have the competitive advantage. But, what is meant by ‘sustainable competitive advantage’? We all know how every industry is facing great competition. Every business is looking for visibility, greater sales and better profits. Everybody wants to

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Is Voice Search Eliminating Short Tail Keywords?


People are slowly and gradually shifting to voice searches in the recent times. The reason why voice search has become so popular is because our lives have become so increasingly busy that we are always finding hands-free and quicker ways to do things. While voice search has

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Do You Have A Secured WordPress Website?


There have been a number of cases recently where WordPress has been hacked. This has made WordPress security a major issue and matter of concern. So, is WordPress still capable of defending websites against threats, hackers and malicious attackers? You must ensure that your website is secure

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