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Designing A Great Logo – 5 Essentials


Whenever we speak of any particular product, there is a certain picture that comes to mind. For example, if we speak of online platforms, some may think a white “f” on a dark blue background, others may think a white bird on a light blue background, while

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Logo Designing Rules You Mustn’t Miss!


We all know that finalizing on a perfect logo is one of the most important elements of a company’s branding process. This is because the logo visually represents the company’s brand and its value in front of customers. It is a graphic representation of a company’s message,

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Working Towards A Great Brochure

Brochures are an important part of any business that showcases all the products and services a company has to provide to its customers. It could be in the form of a pamphlet, leaflet or template but it is highly informative, and can also be used as a

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Web Designing Basics You Must Know About


It’s all about looks and appearance today. Whatever sells is because of its looks. So, when you want to sell your brand, products or services online, it is your website that needs to look appealing. No matter how many efforts you put in, no matter how much

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What Impact Does A Logo Have On Branding?


Although many people confuse logo and brand to be the same, there is a difference between the two. Branding is the complete business image, and logo is the symbol or icon with which a business is identified. Both of them have different roles to build the image

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How To Create A Blog Logo?


With millions of blogs written every day, how do you write one that stands out? Some blogs are written on a general topic, some are written on strategies, some are written out of struggles and hardships. Whichever category your blog belongs to, how do you have it

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Will BPG Images Be Able To Replace JPG?


BPG, which stands for Better Portable Graphics, is a new image format, whose aim is to replace the well-known JPG. This image format has been developed just last year by a well-known software engineer, Fabrice Bellard, who is also the one to create ‘ffmpeg’ – a widely

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Guidelines to Designing a Successful Logo

A logo is a visual identity of your business. It speaks about your brand’s personality and is an element that brings recognition to your brand. Your logo is what connects with the people globally. Thus, designing a logo is one of the most crucial tasks for a

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Things To Be Kept In Mind While Designing A Logo?


A logo is a symbol that is used by companies as a brand identifier to have their products or services immediately recognized by viewers. It may be a symbol, an illustration or might be composed of the name of the organization. Logo designing is one of the

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Guidelines For Designing Effective Social Media Buttons


Social media is extremely valuable for promoting your business. It is the key to a website’s popularity. Social media buttons enable your website visitors to easily share your content with their social media connections and networks, which spreads out to new audiences and generates new visitors to

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