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Easy Tips To Keep Your Clients Happy And Content


Web designers and developers have more responsibilities than creating a beautiful meaningful and functional website design. One of the most important tasks they have to perform is making their clients happy. It isn’t necessary that what you as a designer or developer think is beautiful or effective

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Individual Bid Adjustments For Different Devices In AdWords


Google Performance Summit is the annual event for Google AdWords, where new product features, plans, research and more is shared. Held on 24th May 2016 in San Francisco, there were changes announced for AdWords for the near future. One of the significant changes announced provides advertisers more

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How Important Are Sidebars?


With the ever-changing trends on the Web every now and then, there is one thing that hasn’t changed ever since – and that’s the sidebar. It has had a long life ever since it came around since the early days of the Web. It has been researched

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How And Why Is Spam Flooding Google My Business?


In the year 2015, Google handed out more than 4.3 million manual penalties! Google has been putting in impressive efforts to get off with spam but, why it doesn’t put in the same hard work for Google My Business is a question yet to be answered. The

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Are GIF Files Good Or Bad For SEO?


GIF is a type of animated media file that can be used in online public content as well as any kind of personal messages in order to express emotions in a more dynamic and entertaining manner. The GIF extension which was invented by Steve Wilhite arrived in

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Google Increases The Length Of Titles And Descriptions


Google has always been seen to be experimenting with its systems and rules everytime. It has kept applying A/B testing and checking which test is appropriate and beneficial for its users and search engines. One such change that Google has recently made in its search result page

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The Most Important Elements For A Website Design


Whatever kind of website you have – blog, eCommerce store, portfolio site, etc.; the success of the site highly depends on its design. There are certain web design issues that you may face if you don’t hire the right website designers to do the job. Below are some

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Which Blog Posts Earn The Highest Number Of Inbound Links?


In order to be positioned better on SERPs, earn more visibility and bring in more traffic to your website, one of the most essential ways is by bringing in more inbound links from high-authority sources. Getting more links to your site will help in building domain authority.

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Guide To The Most Useful Twitter Tools, Apps And Services


Social media platforms and social media marketing are highly useful for every big and small business today. There are a variety of platforms used in different ways to market a business and one such platform in Twitter, which had initiated almost 8 years back, and today it

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Step-by-step Guide For Building A WordPress Site In 24 Hours


WordPress is the most popular platform on which millions of websites have been built today. It has been able to achieve such popularity because of its excessive customizability options that lets you customize just about anything you wish to, and does not require much development time to

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