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What Are The New Features Announced By Moz Pro?

What-Are-The-New-Features-Announced-By-Moz-ProOn February 2016, Moz Pro announced some new features that can help you get a lot of value out of your keyword rankings reports. There is a lot that you can analyze now – your campaign’s full rankings history, better segment to your rankings data, specific date ranges for your charts and tables, and more at lightning fast speeds. You can also compare ranking, engine performance, search visibility and competitive metrics within any timeframe you prefer. Let us learn about some of the special new features in detail.

What are the new features?

  • Timeframe selection as per choice – You can now view your rankings reports within a time frame of your choice. You have the freedom to select the start and end dates that you prefer. So now, along with weekly and monthly views, you can display and export reports for customizable time frame selections.
  • Spontaneous collective calculations – Whenever you select a new timeframe, rankings summaries, search visibility, ranking deltas and universal results update on demand.
  • Flexible and universal filtering – There are no more limits to how you can view and filter your data. With full keyword history and fast response times, this becomes possible. You can now use the new universal filter to narrow down displayed keywords as per keyword text, locality and labels.
  • Data point sorting – Data points earlier took a lot of overhead to calculate, and couldn’t be sorted in place. But now, with the new features, they can be easily sorted on demand flexibly and quickly.

Why these new features?

Moz Pro users spend most of their time in the Rankings section where the metrics available include mobile and desktop keyword rankings, local and national keywords, search visibility scores, historical SERP analysis and competitive metrics. So, rankings data is the most important for the users. Improvement in this section means better analysis of SEO keyword performance on the users’ part. For the best SEO services and paramount marketing and advertising services, you must hire a leading digital marketing company in India, so that you always get a great report of your rankings reports with Moz Pro.

Moz Pro has always been storing historical rankings data right from the start of a campaign’s establishment, which was earlier accessible through historical rankings CSV downloads. But, this process was very frustrating for the users, which is why Moz Pro came up with this new feature of deriving historical rankings data in an easier and brisk manner.

How have these new features helped?

Moz has been running the old system along with this newly built system parallel to each other for two months to check if everything was ready to switch, through which it saw some essential improvements in performance like 20 times faster server response time and 30 times faster pipeline. Average sized campaigns that delivered ranking data sets in 800 ms with the earlier system, will now deliver the same in 50 ms only. Along with this, network calls and wait times for filter and sort requests have also been reduced. Delays between data collection and in-app availability will be eliminated resulting in data assembly and storage processes to run up to 30 times faster. This is what aids in the delivery of full campaign histories.

There is a lot more to come from Moz Pro in the near future with its new architecture to serve its users better. Stay updated and enjoy a better and faster experience.


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