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Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is one of the best and innovative ways to partitioning physical servers into several virtual machines. Often regarded as the future of modern hosting, VPS hosting provides the power and functionality of a high-end dedicated server that too at a very low price. Under our VPS hosting services, we provide you with an individual machine with root access as well as your very own dedicated CPU and RAM.

Jain Technosoft is one of the leading web hosting companies in India. Each Virtual Server hosted by us can run under its own operating system or have its own custom configurations. Full root access gives you total control and also allows you to install advanced software as well as customize your hosting environment completely.

Why you should choose us?

Flexible Software Actions
We provide you with full root access which enables you to install and customize any software in order to optimize your hosting experience.

Cutting Edge Hardware For Great Performance
Through open source technologies, we provide VPS which is powerful and easy to use. Each of our servers is built with state-of-the-art components which help in boosting speed.

Quick Provisioning
While most VPS solutions take hours or days to activate, all VPS servers designed by us get running instantly. You can use your server the very second you need it.

Guaranteed Resources
As only high-performance components are used, your websites will always perform at optimal levels. Due to our implementation of KVM hypervisor, your resources are guaranteed to be available all the time.

Enhanced cPanel
Each of our VPS configuration includes our improved cPanel interface. It has all the features found in our shared solution along with special tools for VPS management and WHM control.

Multi Server Management
Are you looking for more than one server? With our services you can add more VPS or even shared and dedicated hosting services to your account and manage everything in a place without much of an effort.

Root Access
Our enhanced cPanel control panel offers full access to CentOS, which gives you total control of your server.

Access Control
We create passwords which grant access to specific aspects of your account. We issue one password each for ownership information, server administration and/ or one master password for everything.

Thus by choosing you not only do you get the best services, but also get it at the most competitive prices. So in case you are looking for a reliable and highly effective VPS hosting service, get in touch with us. Our specialists will provide you with a highly dynamic solution.

When you choose us, you choose the best!


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