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Link Building Tips – The Easy Way


Link building is important, and we all know that. So, here are a few ways how you can make link building easier. These tips are press and public relations focused, so you know that they will definitely be the best! If you are trying to get some

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How Can Animated Videos Boost Traffic On Your Website?


We all know how there are a variety of different elements that website developers and designers are using to enhance the functionality as well as appearance of a website. One of the most important expectations out of a website is to bring in good amount of traffic

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Guidelines To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Brand


Designing a logo is a key element of any branding process as it is the most important element of representing your brand. A logo can have an intense impact on consumer decision making. So, how do you design an impactful logo for your brand? Here is guide

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Google Will Soon Penalize Sites With Intrusive Interstitials


On April 21, 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in SERPs. This Mobilegeddon was an effort to make the Web more accessible to users by supporting mobile-friendly sites in mobile SERPs. Deciding whether a page is mobile-friendly or not

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What Is The Status Of Google’s Separate Mobile Search Index?


Google had announced a separate mobile search index in March 2015. It had said that it would be working on a mobile only version of the search index, meaning that desktop and mobiles will be having completely separate search indexes. Google had created a special team to

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Free Tools To Test Your Website Security


Can you imagine how many websites are hacked every day to distribute malware? It’s almost 30,000! Can you believe that? Yes, it’s true! Hackers find it so easy to find and exploit vulnerable websites; and it is to be realized that almost 70% of vulnerabilities exist at

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Twitter Images Can Now Be Accessible To The Blind Too

Webmasters are making their websites look beautiful and attractive. Social media platforms are making their designs easier to navigate, without breaking the rule of a delightful visual appeal. Advertisement owners are designing ads in a way that it captivates the eyes of the viewers. All this is

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Google Advices Bloggers To Nofollow Links That Involve Freebies


Google has been noticing lots of links being sold, purchased and exchanged. Brands have been engaging with popular bloggers to provide them free goods in return for links to their site. Seeing this practice on the rise, the search engine has published a new set of guidelines

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All That You Must Know About Business Blogging


Blogs – a very important element of content marketing – are ways to keep your audiences engaged with new content and keep them interested with you. If you own a business, you can use the advantage of blogging by providing your audience with product launches, tips and

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The Latest ‘Local Business Cards’ Experiment In Google SERPs


Google has recently come up with an experiment with a new card carousel test that features content from local businesses near the top of search results. Search Engine Land names this self-promotion option that Google is testing as ‘Local Business Cards’ but, Verge indicated that Google hasn’t

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