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How Can Web Designers Increase Their Creativity?


Creativity is the way you express your thoughts and imagination to people around in the form of an art. Creativity is everywhere –clothing, shoes, accessories, hotel interiors, architecture, billboards, food menus, television commercials, movies, TV shows – just everywhere. There are two things that can hinder your

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How Can You Have Better SEO In 2016?


Are you still clinging onto old SEO tactics and strategies that you have been using since years? Then, you might be way behind the others. It’s time you shift to the latest developments and re-evaluate your strategies. There have been many modifications done in 2015 for search

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Guidelines For Re-Evaluation Of PPC Campaigns In 2016


2015 is over and the New Year is here. Its time you have to re-evaluate your campaigns and strategies for the betterment of your business. With the New Year comes a new list of advancements from search engines and the Web. A few months back, Google, Yahoo,

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How To Have A Successful Website?


Building a website for your business is one of the crucial tasks today. If you want to be successful and reach out to maximum number of people, you need to get online to get noticed. But, do you think building a website and putting it online is

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What Are The Benefits Of A Facebook Group For Marketing?


We all know how highly effective and addictive Facebook is. Although today’s teens have shifted to other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook still stands at one of the top places for social media marketing with hundreds of millions of users still using the platform. In fact,

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Should There Be Separate Landing Pages For PPC And SEO Campaigns?


In small companies, where there are limited number of working professionals and a limited budget, there would be a single landing page for both PPC and SEO campaigns i.e. the same page for the same keyword for both paid and organic search. Such companies believe that for

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