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5 Significant Factors On Which The Instagram Algorithm Works


Just like the ingenious Facebook News Feed algorithm, even the Instagram algorithm shows every user a different page full of posts that are most likely in their interests. So, this is one platform that can help more and more followers and non-followers view your content, which is

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Logo Designing Rules You Mustn’t Miss!


We all know that finalizing on a perfect logo is one of the most important elements of a company’s branding process. This is because the logo visually represents the company’s brand and its value in front of customers. It is a graphic representation of a company’s message,

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How Can You Effectively Deal With WordPress 404 Pages?


When any of the content on a WordPress site cannot be found in the database, the users are shown a 404 error page, which gets very annoying for them. There may be many reasons for this error to take place, including a deleted page, a moved page,

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How To Improve Usability With Your Website Design?


Almost everyone now believes in having a website to showcase their products/services to a wide set of audiences globally to increase sales and in turn improve business. Having an online presence increases the visibility of your brand and gives you access to a worldwide market. Moreover, it

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Are You Aware Of These Very Important SEO Issues?


There are lots of SEO factors that you need to consider while designing and developing a website if you want it to rank higher on SERPs. If you have a professional and experienced SEO service provider in India working for your website, there is nothing you need

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How Can Animated Videos Boost Traffic On Your Website?


We all know how there are a variety of different elements that website developers and designers are using to enhance the functionality as well as appearance of a website. One of the most important expectations out of a website is to bring in good amount of traffic

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What Makes WordPress The Best Platform For eCommerce?


Over the years, WordPress has grown to become the most powerful CMS from a simple publishing platform that it earlier was. Today, it is one of the best and most accepted platforms, with more than 24% websites being built on it – the list including reputed brands

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How To Advertise On Social Media Without A Huge Budget?


We all know that any kind of marketing requires money, and so does social media marketing in India. However, if you want to go social for a local business, and if you do it in the right manner, it may not require much. This blog will help

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Which Social Media Marketing Tactics Should You Use?


Millions of businesses are using social media platforms to promote their brands, and are also benefitting from them. Every day, there are hundreds and thousands of businesses who are finding new ways to use social media platforms and tools for engaging customers and improving customer service. Some

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Why Should You Opt For Paid Web Hosting?


Starting a website requires a domain name and hosting space. Budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, and new startups are looking to save money, and the proposition of free web hosting seems to be an attractive option for them as it considerably reduces the costs related with paid web

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