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Tips For SEO Friendly URLs


The structure of URLs is one of the most fundamental and building blocks of search engine optimization. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best SEO practices which will help you in structuring the URLs in a better manner. Though this list is

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Make Your Blog Work As A Good SEO Tool


Blogs are one of the best ways to engage visitors to your website and thereby increase traffic and conversion rates. They surely are an effective tool for digital marketing. But statistics show that around 80% of blogs stagnate without bringing in a decent amount of traffic and

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YouTube Launches An App For Kids


YouTube Kids – an app which is taunted to be 100% kid friendly has been launched by Google. This is Google’s first product built completely in-house keeping the requirements of kids under the age of 12, in mind. The app which can be accessed only in the

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Promote Your Business Online With These Social Media Marketing Tools


Most of us keeping hearing about how the power of social media platforms needs to be leveraged in order to reach out to wider audience and keep the present client based engaged thoroughly. Thus the major focus is gained by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. But along with

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Make Your Website Mobile Friendly With These WordPress Plugins


We are pretty sure that by now most of you are well aware that a website needs to be mobile-friendly in order to stay ahead of competition and gain popularity among its target audience. As many websites employ WordPress web design, we bring you some amazing WordPress

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Boost Your Web Design With Creative Use Of Videos


Videos are one of the most effective and potent tools of visual communication and making it a part of your web design is sure to add an edge to the website. Videos can be used creatively to deliver a direct and clear message to a broader audience

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How Hashtags Work On Social Media?

hashtags in social media

One word which is used as frequently as ‘selfie’ is perhaps -Hashtag. For most of us, who are active on any of the social media platforms, Hashtag is a very common feature. Also Hashtags have now become an integral part of online advertising campaigns. Has it ever

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Get Set For A Safer And Better Web Browsing With The Next-Gen Http/2 Protocol

Next-Gen Http/2 Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol aka HTTP has undergone one of the major changes in the past 16 years. The new and much-awaited version of HTTP has been formally approved. Very soon with the last formality of Request for Comment and Editorial Processes the HTTP/2 protocol will be released.

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Tips To Create The Perfect Web Design Portfolio

Tips To Create The Perfect Web Design Portfolio

If you wish to make a lasting impact as a web designer, you do need an impressive web design portfolio. Having the right portfolio is sure to highlight your potential and help you get hold of better website design projects. We are sure that you already have

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Find SEO Keywords Used By Your Competitors


One of the most essential elements of any SEO strategy is to have a clear idea of the keywords used by your competitors. This gives you an understanding of which are the keywords helping your competitors get better ranking in the search results. In this blog post,

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