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Amazing Facts About WordPress You Will Love To Know!


Digital marketing and blogging are on the rise today. And to make these platforms successful, what is needed is an efficient content management system. WordPress experts have always been suggesting using a WordPress platform if you need a unique and hands-on user interface and HTML-free editing along

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How Will Organic CTR Impact Your Position In SERPs?


We all know that great content and links are essential for SEO success. Google has been repeatedly emphasizing on focusing on writing high quality and relevant content and gaining natural links to your site. However, even though these two elements are essential for SEO, they are not

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5 Most Essential Magento Web Design Trends


Being in the online retail sector, you know how difficult it is to stay put in the market with the immense and tough competition around. Everyone has their own ways and styles of presenting their store to make it more successful. You may not need to follow

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Google Now Uses RankBrain For Every Search Query


As you may know, RankBrain is a system developed by Google that is designed to understand the user’s search intention on the search engine and provides search results based on the same. It interprets people’s queries to find relevant pages rather than sticking to the exact words

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Guidelines For A Good SEO Copy


SEO today is more dynamic, more relevant, more useful and more interesting than ever before. SEO changes faster than almost anything else in the world. So, if you think you are up to date with SEO, you may be mistaken. If you are not keeping up with

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How To Choose The Right SEO Company?


Do you think you can run an SEO campaign all by yourself? Well, that’s good enough then. But, it is still advisable to hire a professional to get the job done for you so that you can get the desired results. Although hiring professionals may be expensive

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Things To Consider While Going For A Blog Theme Change


What kind of a theme should you opt for? Should it be a free or premium one? Should you change your theme and how often? What should you look for in a new theme? These are some of the questions bloggers have running in their minds regarding

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How To Deal With An Irrelevant Page Ranking For Your Targeted Keyword?

Your site is ranking for a keyword that you have been targeting. That’s great news! But, wait! It is the wrong irrelevant page that is ranking. The page that is ranking is just not the best choice for that particular keyword. This leads to a great deal

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How Does Website Engagement Rate Impact Organic Rankings?

While click-through rates (CTR) may not be a part of Google’s algorithm or may not be direct ranking signals but, they indirectly impact the rank of a website. This is because increased CTRs may lead to improved conversions, which in turn will improve rankings. But, CTRs alone

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What Are The Benefits Of The New Local Search Ads?


As we have spoken of in earlier blogs, Google has announced some significant changes to AdWords early this year at the Google Performance Summit. One of the changes was about introducing the next generation of local search ads. Almost one-third of mobile searches today have local targets,

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