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How To Diagnose Ranking Drops In The Most Strategic Way?


There are a mysterious number of reasons that could make rankings drop, and being able to pinpoint the exact reason for a ranking drop is one of the most challenging tasks for an SEO. However, the good news is that there is a methodology that can help

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How To Do Reputation Management SEO?


Do you think that searchers have a first experience with your brand on your website? And, this is why you put in all efforts to build a great result-oriented website. But, the truth is that a searcher’s first experience with any brand happens on Google’s SERPs, and

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Guidelines For Effective Link Building

While link building is essential, the right way to link building is even more important. Using outdated or illegal practices will take you nowhere, and may in fact even land you into trouble. Thus, it is very important to abide by the rules of link building. Hire,

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Should You Optimize For Desktop, Mobile, Or Voice?


With things like mobile-first indexing and voice search, desktop searches have gone incredibly low. But, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. But, with this complexity of desktop, mobile, and voice, we are left wondering where to focus our optimization efforts on. Is desktop the most important,

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How Can You Boost B2B Marketing Outcomes Via Emails?


Although you may say that email is an obsolete and outdated tool for the millennials, it is definitely one of the most useful tools even today in the B2B segment. It is one of the best and quickest channels of communication that helps in sending and receiving

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Should Bounce Rate, Browse Rate, And Time On Site Be Considered?


Bounce rate is the average percentage of people who landed on a page and then left the website, for any reason whatsoever. Pages per visit is the average number of pages per visit for people who landed on the particular page, meaning the number of pages a

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Guide To Effectively Work With JavaScript And SEO


Many websites are today using modern-day JavaScript to load in crucial content. And Googlebot is struggling with it, with the implications that JavaScript has on crawling and indexing. Here is a guide that companies offering digital marketing services in India use, and that you can also use

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