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How Can You Optimize Your Website Speed?


Webmasters have always been getting their websites improved and updated so that users can always have a great web experience on their site. With every individual being so tied up with their daily routines, one of the most important factors for website optimization is its speed. Nobody

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How Can You Have Higher Ratings By Google’s Search Quality Raters?


Google has recently released the full edition of its Search Quality Raters Guidelines, which is a 160 page guide that instructs those who are paid to evaluate the quality of search results returned by Google. This guide tells what Google finds valuable and what it would not

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How Important Is Accessibility Of A Website For The Visually-Impaired?


There are millions of people surfing the web today. But, it isn’t necessary that every individual surfing the web is well-sighted. According to a report by WHO in 2014, there are about 285 million people around the world who are visually impaired – 39 million are blind

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How Does Embedly Help In Enhancing Blog Engagement?


You think you have written a blog and visitors are coming to read it, so you have achieved success? But, unless you have visitors coming back to you for more, you can’t assume yourself successful. And, in order to have visitors coming back to you, you need

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How Can A Website Effectively Communicate With Its Visitors?


A website should be created in such a way that it can communicate its message effectively to the audience. Whether it is a blog, corporate site or eCommerce site, it needs to efficiently communicate with the visitors to convert them into customers. Here are some factors you

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Google To Index HTTPS Pages By Default


Google has always worked towards providing utmost security to users who are browsing the Web. We all know about Google changing its algorithms and making frequent changes to provide the best browsing experience for the users. Since quite some time, Google has also been giving a slight

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What Are The Different Types Of SEO Strategies?


There are different types of strategies you need to apply for different business types. Here is a detailed discussion on the different types of strategies required for different kinds of businesses. Local SEO When you have a brick-and-mortar store and want to have a great SEO for

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How Many Keywords Should Be Targeted For SEO?


Choosing the right keywords for your pages is one of the very important strategy for SEO. You must find out which are the most beneficial keywords you must use on your site. Once you have made a list of all of them, you need to decide how

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Why Are Soft Skills Important For SEOs?


SEO is ever changing and everyone knows that. Google’s algorithm keeps changing multiple times a day. In order to go with the flow, it is important that you learn the new skills required with every change and transform yourself accordingly. Talking about skills, you might think that

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Things To Remember While Glocalizing Your Business


Businesses are going global easily with the help of technologies and Internet. It seems like the concept of local and global is merging into one gradually. Competition has increased drastically. In order to survive in such competitive environment, it is necessary that businessmen adapt to glocalization. ‘Glocalization’

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