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Monthly archive for October 2013

Google Rolls Out Ad Extensions Which Will Have Direct Impact On Rank

Google announced that Adwords extensions and formats are now going to be part of the overall Adwords ad rank formula going forward. Ad extensions and formats can now affect the positioning of your ads on the Google search results page. Google uses the example: if two otherwise

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New Calls To Action In Facebook’s Mobile App Ads

Facebook has announced new mobile app ad options to help drive up engagement. The options let developers make use of seven specific calls to action choices to include in their apps. In its first phase of mobile app ads, Facebook offered one call to action: “Install now”.

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New Version of Google Analytics Android App With Updates

Google has released a much updated Google Analytics Android app, adding new reporting tools and increased functionality for existing tools. In a BlogSpot Russell Ketchum writes that “we’ve added more reporting tools and enhanced the functionality of this version”. What’s new in this app specifically?

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Google Hummingbird and its impact on SEO

Google has been around for fifteen years now, and Hummingbird is apparently the biggest thing they’ve done to algorithm in twelve. What is Hummingbird and how do you know if it’s affecting your site’s ranking? Hummingbird is the nickname that’s been assigned to update, 90 % of

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Twitter Launches New Alert System To Keep You Updated During Emergencies

Twitter revealed their new Twitter alerts system, which allows users to sign up for alerts from trusted organizations to deliver accurate information during emergencies, natural disasters or when other communications services are not accessible. Twitter says alerts will also be marked with an orange bell icon to

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Google wallet app for all Android Phones

Google announced that they will release the newest version of Google Wallet this week to all Android phones running Android 2.3 or above. What is this new app all about? This new Google Wallet app will allow users to send money from anywhere using email addresses that

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Google turns on secure search, except for Ad clicks

Google is now beginning to roll its encrypted secure search feature to more people. Earlier, secure search was only available to those who were signed into their Google accounts, now it’s working to make secure search the default for everybody even those who are not signed into

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Google Launches Web Designer – A Visual Tool For Building HTML5 Designs And Ads

Bring ideas to life across screens! Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device. Google has unveiled the Google Web Designer app for Chrome, but it should really be called Google Ad Designer. It provides a way to create Adobe Flash-style

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