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How To Get Your Community Members To Submit SEO Content?


If you have been successful at creating an online community, you have already achieved quite a lot to help your business grow. You must be wondering how. It is the members of your community who can help your growth. Thus, it is important that you keep your

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Guidelines To Increase Your Website Speed


Website speed is an important factor for altering user experience. Even if you have all the excellent content and presentation but, if your website takes time to load, the users will navigate away from your page. The average user waiting time for a page to load is

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How is the Meta Referrer Tag Beneficial in SEO?


We all are well aware what HTTP is. For those who still do not know, it is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative and hypermedia information systems. HTTP has become the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. But now has come the HTTPS, which

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Things To Be Kept In Mind While Designing A Logo?


A logo is a symbol that is used by companies as a brand identifier to have their products or services immediately recognized by viewers. It may be a symbol, an illustration or might be composed of the name of the organization. Logo designing is one of the

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How To Optimize Mobile Apps?


It is the mobile age now – everything has gone mobile! The majority of users went on from desktop websites to mobile websites recently, and now they are shifting to mobile apps. Certain websites have deleted the option of desktop and mobile website version and have now

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Google Has Finally Announced Panda 4.2 Update


A long wait of an algorithm update is finally over! Gary Illyes of Google had said in June that the Panda refresh was going to come soon but, this had been delayed because of some technical reasons. Now, after ten months of waiting, Google has notified Search

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How Does Regular Content Publishing Affect SEO?


Publishing great content is an important part of website marketing strategy. But, a question that arises here is that how often you should publish new content. Is it to be done daily or 2-3 times a week or once a week will suffice? This actually depends on

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Important Elements For The Success Of An Online Store


Shopping these days has gone majorly online. Whether you want to shop for fashion merchandise or electronics or gadgets or anything at all, you can get everything online under one roof. There are so many ecommerce websites for online shopping that it gets difficult to make a

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How To Optimize Your Web Forms?


People optimize everything on their website but generally ignore the forms. They forget that forms are an important part of a website – may it be a contact form, survey form, registration form, request a quote form or an order form. Every form needs to be optimized

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Which Reports Should Be Analyzed For Internal Site Search?


Keyword data was once a very important feature of Google Analytics (GA) that made it possible for optimizing websites. This feature is no more included in GA. If you have optimized content on your site, visitors will surely find you with the keywords you have projected. The

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