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What To Do When Your Content Campaign Fails?


You may have designed and launched a creative content campaign, only to see that it doesn’t go as you expected, and in fact fails, leaving your disappointed! If you think you are the only one going through this phase, hold on. There are many people out there

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How To Boost Your Ranking In The Local Pack?


Local SEO is important for a business looking to gain leads within the regional proximity. Implementing good local SEO strategies can help Google to rank your Web pages higher, especially in local search. This means more exposure to potential local customers, and a likely boost in sales.

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Optimizing Infographics For Search Traffic


Infographics are one of the best SEO elements because they beautifully combine text and images together in a way to make an otherwise boring all-text interesting to read. It helps content stand out, having the viewers to go through the entire information, without getting jaded. However, just

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The New Bot Traffic Update By Google For App + Web Properties


Do you have regular Web properties or App + Web properties in Google Analytics? If you do have the latter, here is a big news for you! In an update from Google Analytics, it has been stated that Google will now automatically exclude bot traffic from App

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Which Data Source Should You Use To Create Your Content?


Do we need to remind you that content is king? And, to have your content rule over the internet, you need to keep it improved and refined. But, as much as the quality of content is important, so is the source of your content. There are countless

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