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eCommerce – Design & Development Trends For 2021


While the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a disaster for almost every business across the world, it has boosted one particular industry – the eCommerce trade. The Coronavirus pandemic made one of the biggest impacts on eCommerce when there were country-wide lockdowns, and physical businesses got

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Are You Making These eCommerce Mistakes Too?


While any website is made with a purpose to enhance user experience, when it comes to eCommerce sites, the pressure and considerations double up. You need to impress and engage your visitors so that they are tempted to make a purchase. If you hire professional Web development

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How To Improve Usability With Your Website Design?


Almost everyone now believes in having a website to showcase their products/services to a wide set of audiences globally to increase sales and in turn improve business. Having an online presence increases the visibility of your brand and gives you access to a worldwide market. Moreover, it

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Why Don’t Website Visitors Convert To Customers?

You may be getting lots of traffic to your site, but yet you don’t receive a good amount of conversions. People land on your site but don’t purchase from you. Why!? There could be multiple reasons like unattractive website design, poor navigation, inappropriate content, etc. This blog

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Boost Your WordPress Theme Development Remarkably!


Developing a theme requires an effective approach to get started. Themes are the most important element responsible for driving a site because they determine how the site will look and behave. A theme consists of several template files that are present in the “Themes” folder in WordPress

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Building An eCommerce Store With WordPress


Looking to build an eCommerce store? One of the very important elements you must consider is the content management system (CMS) you use to build it. It is very important that you integrate the most suitable CMS with your shopping cart to provide your customers with a

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The Present And Future Of Mobile Commerce


Up till some time back, it was only eCommerce that was delighting customers all across the globe. But now, mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) is trending in the current digital world, where customers can buy goods and services through their smartphones with only access to the Internet. Therefore, having

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How To Have eCommerce Homepages That Convert?


Have an eCommerce website? Have you been able to build brand recognition? If you have a great client base and a good business value coming from them, you need not worry. But, if you are one of those looking to build your name in the market and

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The Best eCommerce Platforms To Build A Perfect Website


With so many eCommerce websites across the Web, do you think it’s easy to have your website found? You need to be seen and make sure that people admire you so that they consider you for another visit. Consumers are depending more on online purchase than offline

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How To Boost Your eCommerce Sales During Off-Season?


Every business experiences great challenges during its off-season every year. And, so does the eCommerce business. There is a downfall in customers and sales, no matter how grand or renowned the store is. But, some businesses know how to just keep up with the off-season and cope

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