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Different Ad Types That Facebook Has Introduced Over Time

Different-Ad-Types-That-Facebook-Has-Introduced-Over-TimeFacebook today has more than 1.59 billion active users every month! This is the reason brands consider this platform as the best option to experiment with advertising to reach a wider set of audience.

As compared to many other types of advertising, social advertising is the most cost-effective. Facebook also tries to make ads appealing and relevant by offering several advertising options based on the brand’s goal and the audiences’ needs. Facebook helps a brand reach its targeted audience by offering many targeting options that appeal a selective audience. This helps brands not to waste money by showing up its ads to the audience segments that wouldn’t be interested.

Facebook has always been showing up ads to its audience but, slowly and gradually it has been moving ahead of the old traditional ad layouts and coming up with innovative and interesting features and ways to showcase ads to benefit both – the brand and the audience. Get in touch with the best Facebook marketing company India who will assist you in posting your ads in the right manner, using the right ad format, to drive the most out of social media traffic.

Native video ads

Facebook has a whopping 8 billion daily video views with its users watching more than 100 million hours of videos every day! Brands took this as an advantage and starting using native video advertising on Facebook in an interactive format to tell the story of their brand and products. Facebook has always been committed to boost video ad formats while maintaining relevance and user engagement. According to Quintly, 65% of brand video posts on Facebook are native videos, which perform 4 times better than any other video format.

Automatic video captions

It is definitely annoying when you open a Web page and a video suddenly starts playing. Moreover, if you have your speakers turned up to a full volume, the sound from the video may get you startled or irritated. Same goes for Facebook video ads too. Facebook itself researched on this matter and found that 80% of users react negatively to such video ads. Finding a very smart solution to this problem, Facebook introduced automatic video ad captioning, where the video played but, without any sound. Neither did this reduce the video’s effectiveness nor did it annoy the users. Once the users are engaged with the muted video, they can decide as to whether they want to watch the entire video with sound or not. Although an excellent solution, brands started wondering how they would be able to calculate how many users were interested in their ad. Facebook assured them that they will be provided with the percentage of people who watch their ad with the sound on, so that the brands could analyze their ad’s success.

Carousel ads

Facebook has come up with a recent carousel format, which is a flexible way to promote your business or products by showing multiple images in a single ad. Just a few months ago, Facebook announced the introduction of videos to carousel ads, where brands can show a mix of images, videos and links to showcase their products/services in a creative way. This ad format tends to drive 10 times more traffic to a brand’s website as compared to other ad types. This format is also beneficial to the brands because it lowers the CPC and increases the CTR. It provides more information about the brand and its products, boosts user engagement, and drives increased amount of traffic to the site.

Lead ads

A few months ago, Facebook introduced lead ads, which is a more effective way for brands to collect relevant leads. This helps the brands to provide more information about a product, thus keeping the users engaged. However, this kind of ad type requires lots of testing and experimenting but, it brings high quality leads at a low cost. When users learn more about a brand and its services/products, they tend to sign up.


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