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How To Deal With Outdated Content On Your Website?

On July 18, 2015 Google announced rolling out Panda 4.2 refresh after a long wait of ten months since September 2014. The most common element considered in such refreshes is the ‘content’. Thus, webmasters are continually updating their content in order to gain back their position in

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How To Implement A Mega Menu For Better Effect In SEO?

Mega menus are large navigation panels that drop down from a global navigation bar. If designed properly, they can create a great navigational experience for users. Navigational strategies are one of the important elements for SEO, specially for e-commerce sites. Work out on the structure of the

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How do Queries And Keywords Differ?

You might think that the terms ‘query’ and ‘keyword’ mean the same thing. But, there is a slight difference between the two. If you are a search professional, you need to know the difference between the two terms so that you can target audiences better and bring

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How Can You Generate Real Estate Leads Using Content Marketing?


You may be having a great website and might be driving lots of traffic. But, do you think this is enough to generate a good number of leads? In order to generate leads, you must plan up an effective lead nurturing campaign, which must include generating traffic

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Guidelines To Streamline Your PPC Campaigns


There are many elements that can help in a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. These include keyword-reviewing, keyword analysis, refreshing of keywords, keyword grouping and organization. Thus, PPC is mainly dependent on keywords. It is important to review your keywords and create an optimized schedule. The first step

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What To Do When You Don’t Get Editorial Links In Spite Of Great PR?


You might have got a great press release for your business, but didn’t get editorial links. This might have been very disappointing for you. But, that does not mean you must concentrate only on media that bring you editorial links, though the absence of editorial links might

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Is KeyCDN The Best Bet For Your Website?

Is your website slowing down? Can you not afford a faster server? Then, you must consider going in for a CDN – Content Delivery Network, which is a system of distributed servers that delivers content to the users based on their geographical locations. Content Delivery Networks will

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Semantic Content Optimization For Higher Rankings

Google has started treating the content quality of your website along with user engagement with your site as a ranking factor. Therefore, SEOs are now focusing on Semantic Content Optimization (SCO) to gain a higher rank in search engines, which means that they are working towards adapting

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How Does Blogging Help Increase Website Traffic And Ranking?

Blogs are content pages that are created by individuals or groups, which involves people all over the web to read the content and get involved in the conversations. They are kind of webpages with additional functions like comments, trackbacks and RSS. If you optimize your blog well,

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How Do Exact Match Domains Affect SEO?

An exact match domain (EMD) is a domain that matches the keyword a user types in while searching on search engines and relates to the content you have on your site – the products or services you offer. It could be anything like food, drinks, baby product,

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