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Which Email Marketing Metrics Should You Measure?


With innumerous social media services in India available, majority of people are spending their business funds into investing only in Facebook ads, latest marketing software, etc. because they think these platforms will bring them the highest ROI. But, this is not always true. There is one program

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Website?


Bounce rates are one of the unhealthiest things for a website that reduces conversions, sales, and revenue; thus increasing losses for the business. Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits where individuals leave a website without going to other pages. It is calculated by dividing the

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Boosted Posts?


On social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, businesses have the option of boosting their posts by clicking the “Boost Post” option in the lower right corner next to the posts. All they have to do is choose the audience and budget based on the number of people

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Top eCommerce Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018


Although it is too early for predictions about 2018, it is better to be prepared and strategically plan our websites for the upcoming year, especially when it comes to eCommerce websites. His is because online shopping has become more of a daily routine for half of the

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Have You Used These Google Analytics Customizations?


Google Analytics, Google’s web analytics service that helps track and report website traffic, can help identify poorly performing pages so as to eliminate or improve on them. Many businesses today are adding a Google Analytics tracking code to their site for identifying the same. However, they are

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How To Plan A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign?


With so many marketing strategies available in abundance for a business to choose from, social media plays a big role today. But, this does not mean you target social media alone. In fact, you need to have social to work as a part of your overall marketing

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Ad Blockers – Useful for Users And Threat For Advertisers

If you are into the field of digital advertising, you very well know how the landscape of online advertising constantly changes, and how you have to keep revising your strategies periodically to suit the current scenario. But no matter what, majority of people don’t like watching ads

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Which Ad Types Must You Avoid Using On Your Website?

Ads have always been annoying for users, but there are certain ads that are more intrusive than others. And, you definitely want to avoid putting up those ads on your website so that you don’t annoy users. After a survey that showed participants 23 wireframes of different

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How To Design And Use Pop-Ups Successfully?


Pop-ups can be annoying and disturbing for your visitors, but not if you design, place, and time them in an appropriate way. Although the general notion is that pop-ups are annoying for the visitors, research has also shown that businesses have confirmed to see a drop in

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How Can Digital Transformation Impact Marketing?

Digital transformation is the modifications done to a business and organizational activities and processes to influence changes and opportunities of digital technologies for strategic impact, keeping both present and future situations in mind. The main purpose of digital transformation is to influence the entire business for the

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