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Designing And Developing A Website – The Verifications To Be Made


When you want a professional website made, you must always rely on an expert website development company in India. Such experts have all the skills and expertise to design and develop a website that is best for your business and suits your requirements in the most appropriate

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How To Design An Effective Mobile App?


Majority of people now use their smartphones for browsing the Web. This has made it important for website owners to design their websites for mobile. Moreover, people are highly relying on mobile apps too. So how do you create a compelling mobile design? Take note of the

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What Is The Status Of Google’s Separate Mobile Search Index?


Google had announced a separate mobile search index in March 2015. It had said that it would be working on a mobile only version of the search index, meaning that desktop and mobiles will be having completely separate search indexes. Google had created a special team to

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What Makes A Great Mobile App Development Company?


Finding the right mobile app development company to work with can be tricky and difficult. Out of the number of companies in the industry, deciding on which company to partner with for designing and developing your mobile app is not an easy decision. Choosing the wrong partner

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A/B Testing Tools To Increase Your Mobile App Installs


With more than 6,00,000 apps competing with one another for sales in an app store, marketing your mobile app may feel like hardcore work. Choosing the right features for your app decides its success and failure. Before marketing your app, you should do a complete research, analyze

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What Are Mobile Gestures And How Important Are They?


Today, as we know, people are finding smart phones really convenient not only because they are smart but also, because of the highly convenient touchscreen. But, what is the process behind the touchscreen concept? It is the gestures that we use. After mobiles and tablets, now even

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Security Issues To Consider In Mobile App Development


Users blindly trust the brands that have been highly renowned in the industry for long. So, when any game, app or software comes up from any such reputable company, they tend to download it plainly without thinking about mobile security or data privacy because they are sure

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How To Optimize Mobile Apps?


It is the mobile age now – everything has gone mobile! The majority of users went on from desktop websites to mobile websites recently, and now they are shifting to mobile apps. Certain websites have deleted the option of desktop and mobile website version and have now

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Is Replacing a Mobile Website with an App a Good Idea?


There are over 150 million people in India who are app users. This may want you to shut down your website and switch to app-only just like Myntra did or Flipkart is planning to do. Myntra did so because 90% of its traffic and 70% of its

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‘Facebook Lite’ – A Lighter Better Version of Facebook App


The world has gone mobile. Every rich or middle-class person, every young or old-aged individual owns a mobile phone. And now is the age of smartphones that has innumerous applications to keep one connected to everybody else all over the world. Facebook is one such popular platform.

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