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How Do Search Engines Crawl And Index JavaScript?


Google, although being the most popular and trusted search engine, and the biggest of all, has problems while crawling and indexing JavaScript-rich websites! Google can only index very few JavaScript frameworks out of the entire lot. Now imagine, if Google being such a huge search engine, has

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Should You Use Parallax Scrolling In Website Designing?


Website design is a very important element for any business, because if the design is appropriate, attractive, and useful, it will attract and engage more customers with the brand. And, you obviously want more traffic coming in to your website, and more users sticking to your site

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Why International SEO?


Do you know that only 1/7th of the world’s population speaks English!? Taken aback? But, it’s true! Only about 340 million people across the globe speak English as their first language. This means more than 6 billion people may not get the message if you have an

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Why And How Should You Remove Bad Backlinks?


Link building is a very important part of SEO. When a user types a query in Google, the search engine decides which websites are to be shown on the first pages of SERPs, and in which position. And, this is based on various factors, one of the

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Should You Build Your Brand With Instagram?


Instagram has been highly successful in weaving stories around photographs in the most alluring manner to keep users highly engaged. Today, it has more than 300 million dynamic users using the app daily! ‘Instagram Stories’ has been able to make greater richer stories as compared to individual

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What Is The Right Way To Use Hashtags?


Hashtag or the (#) sign has become one of the most used symbols today; and also a powerful one; thanks to social media. Born in August 2007, the hashtag became a popular way to group and categorize posts using a keyword/phrase; and it continues to do so.

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Sites With Bad Ad Experiences – Beware!


NEWS: Google plans to start blocking ads on websites that display a large number of bad quality ads, early next year. In fact, the search engine has warned about 700 publishers till now that their ads will be blocked. Last year, Google formed the Coalition For Better

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How Can You Avoid Google Penalties?


Google is what can make your website unnoticed to unbeatable; and it is the same Google that can revert your site from being unbeatable to unnoticed! You just need to know the rules. If you want to stay in the good books of Google so that it

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Guidelines For A Smart eCommerce Website Design


Looking to build up a new eCommerce website for your business? Or, looking to revamp your existing website? Whatever it may be, you can hire experts who offer professional web development services in India to work towards building an attractive and user-friendly website so that visitors can

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How To Boost Conversions By Improving On Usability?


Usability is defined as the ease with which a user can access a website. It is the main element that leaves a lasting impression on the users and affects their decision making power. If the users are satisfied with the usability on your site, they will be

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