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Twitter Set To Lift The 140 Character Limit On Tweets

  Twitter has lifted the 140 character limit on direct messages on 12th August 2015 and now lets users type upto the extent of 10,000 characters! Direct messages on Twitter lets you have private conversations with others. There have been many changes in the direct messaging system

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Apple Pencil – From The Designers’ Perspective


Great designers always want precision in whatever they create. Keeping this in mind, Apple has come up with something unique for designers using iPad Pro. Known as the ‘Apple Pencil’ it has been crafted to expand the versatility of multi-touch. The technology is something that has never

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Is KeyCDN The Best Bet For Your Website?

Is your website slowing down? Can you not afford a faster server? Then, you must consider going in for a CDN – Content Delivery Network, which is a system of distributed servers that delivers content to the users based on their geographical locations. Content Delivery Networks will

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How To Choose A PPC Agency

Paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to get a website to the top of the search engine results page. But, a right agency must be found to manage the PPC marketing campaigns so that it gets easy to control the budget and return

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Google Web Light To Launch Soon, To Make Webpages Load Faster


After Facebook came up with a ‘Lite’ version for Android phones with slow internet connection, Google is introducing a light version too for mobile users with slow internet connections. Google has not launched an official brand name for it yet but, it is for the time being

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How Can Your Business Make More Money?


We all want our businesses to mint money. But then there are times when in spite of doing everything possible we don’t get the expected results. In case you too have faced this kind of situation then read on to know some simple ways in which your

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Which Are The Best Websites To Learn Coding Online?


Coding is no longer something which only a selected few can excel in. With several online websites offering online coding courses, it has become quite easy to learn coding depending on your convenience. Here is a list of some of the best online websites from where you

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Facebook Launches Riff – A Collaborative Video Making App


With the entry of Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook too has come up with a collaborative video making app named Riff. Riff is a fun app which enables you to make collaborative videos with your friends. You can start by making a short video clip of under

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Now Facebook Data Firehose Available To Select Advertisers


The social media giant Facebook has at last decided to make its firehose available to select group of advertisers through Topic Data – a new analytics tool developed by DataSift, an analytics company. In spite of this move of sharing the data firehose, Facebook has assured that

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Indian Designers Carving Their Niche On Global Platform


If you thought that Indians have made an identity world over as mere technology czars, then you need to think again. Gone are the days when Indian software engineers were the only professionals who were sought after by global companies. Today the demand of Indian designers is

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