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Guidelines To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Brand


Designing a logo is a key element of any branding process as it is the most important element of representing your brand. A logo can have an intense impact on consumer decision making. So, how do you design an impactful logo for your brand? Here is guide that shows you seven different things you need to consider while designing your logo. For greater detail in the designing process, you can hire professional and experienced web designing services Bangalore, where you can rest assured to get the most appropriate logo designed for your brand, once you have given the professionals all your information and preferences.


Typography is very important as it decides on the way different audiences react to the brand. You need to establish the characteristics of the ‘ideal customer’ in order to choose the most appropriate typography to attract them. For example, if you are into manufacturing/selling kids products, your logo can have creative and artistic typography with bright colours. But on the other hand, you will need simple and clean typography for a business that targets professionals.


Different colours suggest different emotions. They have an impact on moods and feelings, and appeal to emotions even more than words or images. So, you need to be very sure to choose the perfect colour for your logo by understanding what emotions different colours depict. For example, yellow depicts cheerfulness, orange depicts confidence, pink depicts youthfulness, blue depicts trustworthiness, green depicts growth, grey depicts balance, etc.

Logo elements

There are various elements that can be included in a logo. These include text, image, and tagline. When you look at some of the leading brands across the globe, you will see how different brands have used different elements in their logo. While some have used only text or only image, there are others who have combined both, whereas some have also added a tagline to their logo. You need to analyze which elements should be included in your logo so that they work just perfectly.


Have you seen how some companies have their products or services directly incorporated in their logo? For example, burger selling stores have a burger drawn in their logo, hair saloons have hair cutting scissors in their logo, ice-cream sellers have an ice-cream in their logo, etc. You can decide upon whether you want to do the same for your business too.

First impression

First impression is the last impression; and we all know that. In order to make the best impression on your target audience through your logo, you need to be sure that it defines the qualities your business can provide for its customers. These may include care, trustworthiness, fun, eco-friendly, etc. Once you have decided on the qualities you wish to depict, your logo can be designed keeping these keywords in mind.

Mission and vision

What is your company’s motto? Every business has its own mission and vision. Can you incorporate the same into your logo? Knowing what you wish to portray to your audiences will help you design a logo that propels your business forward and represents your overall short-term and long-term goals effectively.


Every business has some competitors – some may have few, some may have many. You need to get to know the competition your business possesses so that you can be sure that the logo you design is different from the rest and superior too. Check out the logos of your direct competitors and see what they have to provide so that you can make better decisions. Make your logo distinctive by defining the quality that makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest in your niche.

Utilize the above mentioned tips and take your time to perform adequate research. Then plan strategically, considering your business goals, target audience, and competition, and you will definitely have a successful logo design for your brand.


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