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How Can You Generate Real Estate Leads Using Content Marketing?


You may be having a great website and might be driving lots of traffic. But, do you think this is enough to generate a good number of leads? In order to generate leads, you must plan up an effective lead nurturing campaign, which must include generating traffic to your website, optimizing to get conversions, using calls-to-action and interacting with visitors until they are ready to become clients. You must provide potential customers with useful information and create a mutually-beneficial relationship with them so that when they plan to buy, they would consider coming back to you. The most important factor that decides on how users engage with you is content marketing. We provide you options of how you can market your content to bring in conversions.


Email has been one of the oldest methods of connecting with the users and giving the relationship a personal touch since the introduction of the Internet. Even though many other methods have come into existence, email still remains one of the most popular and effective ways to connect with potential customers. You can help users to make a buying decision by keeping them updated through emails. But, you cannot be sending the same email to every user. It is essential that you classify your users into different groups like those who are just in the initial stages of buying decisions and those who are sales-ready. Create different content for different segments and forward them mails with the appropriate content. Also, you can analyze which users are approaching the advanced levels of buying decisions. Accordingly, you must alter the content and provide appropriate calls-to-action.

Social Media

Social media has now gone too far in connecting with people – personally as well as professionally. It is considered as the best means to promote your business these days. According to a survey, more than 84% of real estate professionals use social media to promote their brand. You must analyze which social media platform, out of all the innumerous ones available, is one that can prove fruitful to you. Check where buyers are searching for real estate and share your content there. Other than providing information about your business, you can even solve user queries related to property purchase. This will help users recognize you as trustworthy and will help create a better bond between the users and you.


Blogs are a way to keep users involved with you by providing them with new information regularly. A research showed that 90% of home buyers use the Internet for searching for real estate. It is not necessary that they all want to make a purchase right away but, they might be interested to do so in the future when they find that the time is right. Until then, you must create such an impact on them so that when they finally want to purchase a property, they decide on dealing with you. In order to do so, you need to keep the readers engaged with you. For that, you need to provide different types of blogs that may include advice on architecture or home building materials, latest interior designing trends or even home security systems. It isn’t necessary to write only home buying related articles. Write on offbeat unique content that will keep the users interested in you.

Now that you know how to promote yourself well, you shouldn’t have much of a problem to keep users engaged with you. But, you might still need some guidance. Whether you are already in the market for long and need some assistance or if you are new in this domain and don’t know where to start, you can approach Jain Technosoft, a leading Real Estate website designing company in India to solve all your queries and provide you with the best solutions to guarantee better lead generation and faster sale of your property.


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