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Semantic Content Optimization For Higher Rankings


Google has started treating the content quality of your website along with user engagement with your site as a ranking factor. Therefore, SEOs are now focusing on Semantic Content Optimization (SCO) to gain a higher rank in search engines, which means that they are working towards adapting a new way of structuring websites in order to satisfy a higher number of visitors.

This means that you will now need to analyze the quality of the most important pages of your website so as to drive traffic that converts into conversions and increases customer loyalty and in turn SEO. You will need to analyze what percentage of visitors coming to your site are getting what they had thought of before coming to your page. Is your site satisfactorily designed to fit their needs or do they have broader queries?

Content is the most important aspect of any website. Write quality content to attract the users and let them stay connected to you. For the best content writing services, you can hire professionals from Jain Technosoft to do the job for you. They have a skilled team of content writers who will not only help to lift your rank, but will also build your Brand Value in the market. Their content will help customers to understand your products or services in a better way and generate a professional identity of your business.

In order to produce a Semantic Content Optimized website, other than creating quality content, you also need to understand the following few points too.

Where do you need the focus?

Decide on which pages of your site are those that you want the focus upon. Which pages are those that can increase conversions and bring in sales? Use the correct terms you want to target on these pages i.e. use the appropriate keywords. All your pages on a single website should differ from one another, and also your page selling a particular product should differentiate from the pages of others selling the same product online. Once you know how to differentiate, you will be able to engage more users with your pages.

How should you structure your webpages?

A successful web page is one that excels in design, layout, navigation, usability and calls-to-action. If the users are not satisfied with what your page is serving or they find it difficult to navigate through your page, they will be leaving your page quickly. If you find a number of visitors doing that, then you should understand that you are lacking somewhere in structuring your pages.

What additional information can you provide?

Apart from your product descriptions, you may also provide additional options that might include available styles, sizes or colours. If you are selling a product that requires spare parts, make sure to provide those too. You should also be providing the information regarding placing the order, shipping of products, payment options and offers and discounts. Maybe you can also suggest tips and advices on how to use or store your products. You can also suggest links that offer other products related to your own. For example, if you are a website selling apparels, you can also suggest links where your customers can get footwear, jewellery and cosmetics too. You can also suggest pages on beauty care or fashion styles. All this additional information will help more users to rely on you.

What do the users want?

If you find yourself lacking somewhere, you need to find out what it is. For that, you need to know what the users want from you. In order to find out, you can ask visitors that come to your offline store, if you have one. You may ask the customers you already have purchasing from you what additional things they would like to have from you. You can put up a survey on your website and ask visitors to fill in their feedbacks. Accordingly, update your webpages for better results.

Now, that you know what all you need to do for SCO and higher ranking in search engines, you need to put in all the efforts to work towards it. If you are still confused as to how you must start, you can evaluate the top ten websites that rank in Google for a particular search query that relates to your business. You must do whatever majority of the top ten websites are doing. Apart from that, you must also keep finding ways to stand apart from them yet, attract the visitors towards your uniqueness.


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