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How Many Keywords Should Be Targeted For SEO?


Choosing the right keywords for your pages is one of the very important strategy for SEO. You must find out which are the most beneficial keywords you must use on your site. Once you have made a list of all of them, you need to decide how many keywords you should use per page. It is important that you find a good balance between SEO and quality content.

How to balance SEO and quality content?

You must remember that it isn’t wise to force keywords into your content. The keywords should be naturally included within your content to guide users to your calls-to-action. You know that users search for anything they want to know about on search engines. You need to find out which questions are being asked by your potential customers and make sure that your website should have all their questions answered. Next, in order to attract clicks from these search engines, you need to rank high and be viewed. The best way is to include your main keyword in your title to increase relevancy. You can rank for long tail keywords too by using modifiers.

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How many keywords should you target on a single page?

There is no specific answer to the above question. It depends. In order to get the perfect answer to this question, you need to ask yourself another question – How many questions can you answer on a single page? Accordingly, decide on how you can include keywords on your page. Just as said above, don’t make the mistake of forcing keywords into your content.

Generally, you should target at least 5 variations of your main keyword on a single page. This can even go up to 20 at times. But, make sure that you don’t write only one keyword per page. Instead, group similar keywords intelligently. Target a group of similar keywords. But, if it is a highly searched for keyword and it is a highly competitive search term, you should target only one keyword on a single page.

Remember that 5 to 20 variations of a keyword is just fine. Don’t exceed this number to target lots of keywords like 30, 50 or 100. The more keywords you target, the lesser resources you can assign to work on each one of them, making them harder to rank well.

How to include keywords for different pages?

Every page on your website has a different approach to the number of keywords you include in it. It is very important that you have the right keyword mapping strategy for all the pages on your site. Build separate pages that each focus on particular keywords in order to best optimize your site. Here are a few points that may help.

Blog pages – Blogs always focus on a specific topic. So, restrict these pages to target only one keyword. For blog pages, you must write a keyword-centered title tag and meta description tag.

Landing pages – Your landing pages should focus on a keyword family, which include your main keyword and related helper words. Even in the case of landing pages, just like blog pages, your title tag and meta description tag should be keyword-focused.

Home page – For the home page, you need to select keywords that are highly competitive and are of high priority. Use the best keywords possible for the title tag and meta description tag because it is the home page that leads to other pages on your site.


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