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Guidelines To Bring In Traffic From Targeted Countries


It should be a priority for you to have a targeted country for your business so that you can better plan your content marketing and other strategies. If you want to target country-specific website traffic onto your site but, you don’t know how you can achieve it,

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How To Analyze And Improve Content Marketing Strategy?


Do you have a content marketing strategy? Are you able to achieve what you had expected while planning this strategy? Lots of data needs to be considered to analyze if the strategy is working for you or not. Here are a few ways you can find out

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What Were The Web Designing Trends Followed In 2015?


Here’s a look at what worked for web designers in 2015? Though there are some web trends that change every year, but most design patterns are here to stay in 2016. So you may find out if you’re missing out on anything. Material design Material design is

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PHP 7.0 Released – What Are The New Features?


Eleven years after the release of PHP 5.0, there has been a major change in the PHP development. It has recently come up with its latest version 7, bringing a whole set of new attributes, with great performance and new language features being the most highlighted ones.

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What Immediate Changes Are Required After WordPress Installation?


WordPress being the most popular Content Management System, with 30% of websites relying on it, it is one of the best platforms you could use for launching your site. Millions of users trust WordPress for its convenience and features. If you haven’t yet installed it, you must

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Guidelines For Faster And Better Website Designing


Designing a website is surely a very lengthy process, which takes a lot of time. And, time is the most imperative today. Working efficiently in the shortest possible time frame is very important. To complete tasks in the most qualitative way in the shortest possible time, we

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How To Boost Sales For Online Businesses This Festive Season?


Festivals have always been a time when businesses see the most sales. Almost one-fifth of the annual sales are seen during the festival season, starting with Diwali and ending up at New Year. Diwali is gone and now is the time for Christmas and New Year. If

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What Are The Benefits Of Using HTTP/2?


The HTTP network protocol has come up with a second major version after HTTP/1.1 that came up in 1999, to be used by the World Wide Web. This is the latest update brought about by the Internet Engineering Task Force or IETF. HTTP/2 is a refresh that

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Guidelines On Writing Better Ads That Get More Clicks


Pay-per-click or PPC advertisements can prove to be a very effective method of driving targeted traffic to your site if you do it right. You have put in lots of effort to create your ad – you have read blogs about writing high quality ads, spent hours

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Which User Metrics Affect SEO?


You might have read a lot about SEO factors and might be working like crazy towards utilizing them on your website. You might have read about writing great content, including the best keywords, optimizing images, writing a perfect title, having a compelling meta description, etc. Definitely, all

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