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Which Ad Types Must You Avoid Using On Your Website?

Ads have always been annoying for users, but there are certain ads that are more intrusive than others. And, you definitely want to avoid putting up those ads on your website so that you don’t annoy users. After a survey that showed participants 23 wireframes of different ad types, the ads were rated to show how much participants liked or disliked them. And, with no surprise, the top hated ads were the modal pop-up ads. So, should we stop using such ads? Probably not, because pop-ups are important to increase the revenue and profitability of online businesses in many sectors. In fact, they have also been seen to highly boost subscription rates too. However, the same when shown on mobiles may be penalized by Google and negatively impact SEO.

This means that the same ad types can prove to be good or bad depending upon whether they are shown on desktops or mobiles. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand which ads are disliked on desktops and which are not preferred on mobiles, differently. An experienced digital marketing company in India can help you know the ads that you must and mustn’t place on your website for best results, along with other digital marketing tactics that you need to know for driving the best outcomes from your website. The most hated ads for desktops include modal, autoplay videos, intracontent, deceptive links, persistent banners at the top/bottom, non-modal, sponsored social media, retargeting ads, pre-videos, related links, and animated/unanimated right rails. On the other hand, the most disliked ads for mobiles include modal, intracontent, pre-videos, deceptive links, persistent banners at the top/bottom, sponsored social media, and related links. So, keeping in mind both these lists, let us understand in detail the ad types that you must totally avoid.

Modal ads

These ads appear on top of a website’s content, which requires to be closed before the users can interact with the site’s content.

Intracontent ads

Intracontent includes those ads that appear in the middle of the content. These include two types – (1) without content reorganization, which appears within the main content of the website, and (2) with content reorganization, which appears and moves the existing content down as the page loads.

Pre-video ads

These ads are played first as soon as users play a video on the website. This ad type also includes two categories – (1) with skip, which gives the users an option to skip the ad after 5 seconds of ad, and (2) without skip, with no option of skipping, which means that the users have to watch the whole ad.

Deceptive links

When you reach a website where an action needs to be taken like running a test or downloading a file, and there are similar links near the links to download. These are the deceptive links advertisements.

Persistent banners

As the name suggests, these ads are in the form of banners that appear at the top/bottom of the page without blocking the main content, and stays in place as the page is scrolled.

Sponsored social media content

These advertisements appear in your feed on social media sites.

Related links

These advertisements appear at the bottom of an article as “related links”.


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