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Top eCommerce Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018


Although it is too early for predictions about 2018, it is better to be prepared and strategically plan our websites for the upcoming year, especially when it comes to eCommerce websites. His is because online shopping has become more of a daily routine for half of the people online today. And, day by day, more and more people are purchasing their stuff online. This makes it obvious for eCommerce store owners to make their business both attractive and functional for customers. And, for this, it is crucial that they stay aware of the latest Web design trends and adapt their websites to the same. Or, you can hire qualified Web development services in India where professionals are competent to stay aware of up-to-the-minute fads, and design your website based on them to improve your sales and conversion rates. Here is a look at some of the most important elements that you will have to include on your eCommerce store if you don’t want your website to look obsolete in 2018.


Functionality is of utmost importance to make it easier for the visitors to find their preferred products and purchase them easily. This doesn’t mean you need to eliminate all the trendy options and make your website a simple and dull one. You can add a few stylish elements and a few contemporary touches here and there, but you also need to pay attention to convenience for the users. One such element that combines trend and functionality is hidden navigation. This element helps to put the best products into the limelight, while also making it comfortable for mobile users to browse through the site. Moreover, it does not hinder the overall look of the website. You must look for such elements that provide trend and functionality without disturbing the website appearance. This means that functionality is definitely going to be the ruler in 2018.

Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are here to stay even for 2018. But, there are certain things you need to remember about putting up your CTAs. First of all, there must be a direct path for users to make a purchase every time a product appears on the screen, which depends upon the prominence of your CTA buttons and the number of clickable areas. Also, remember to use vivid colours and simple understandable yet attractive text for your CTAs.

Information organization

Shopping involves a great portion of comparing products and learning the details before making the decision to buy. This is why you must put up as much important and useful information as possible about your products on product pages. However, you also must remember to balance the appearance of your page while doing so. You need to properly arrange your headings and subheadings so that you can grab user attention at the right places, while helping them to know the general idea of the page content. Also, you must be very careful while using your font type, style, size, and colour. You can combine two or three font styles and sizes, but make sure that they complement each other and are appealing to the eyes.


Customers can find their shopping experience the best one if their entire journey is adjusted to their particular needs. This is why personalization is going to be another important trend for eCommerce in 2018. You can provide your customers with a personalized shopping cart that can retain information about the goods customers have looked through, without having purchased them. Another option is having an automated shop assistant that can offer products to them in the form of a newsletter. In this way, customers are frequently reminded of the products that had interested them, thus improving the chances of them likely to buy those products, and making it a unique shopping experience for them.


Last but not the least, you need to make your website stand out from the others by investing in extra design elements that can create a unique vibe. Maintain the individuality of your brand by using unique photography, animation, and videos. Make your eCommerce store as lively and interactive as possible so that users are tempted to click again.


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