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How To Design And Use Pop-Ups Successfully?


Pop-ups can be annoying and disturbing for your visitors, but not if you design, place, and time them in an appropriate way. Although the general notion is that pop-ups are annoying for the visitors, research has also shown that businesses have confirmed to see a drop in their bounce rates and higher lead conversion rates owing to their pop-up ads. So, if you want to benefit from advertising your products/services with such pop-up ads, this blog will help you design the best pop-ups to attract visitors to take the action that you want them to. Use the below mentioned tactics or hire a company that offers professional Web development services in India to take care of your pop-up designing, so that you can generate leads, sales, and revenue for your business.

Choose your pop-up type

There are a variety of different pop-up types that you can use to attract your visitors. You must choose one that enhances your website and brand, and acts in accordance with the tastes of your target audience type. Here is a list of the most common pop-ups you can choose from.

  • Full screen – As the name suggests, these pop-ups cover the entire screen of the device with the advertisement. If you are planning to interrupt your visitor, this is the best pop-up type you can use. These are the most effective when a user is leaving your site, but remember that you need to be perfect with the timing.
  • Countdown timer – The name itself creates a sense of urgency! These pop-ups too create a sense of urgency to perform an action by counting down time for a particular offer or sale, thus compelling users to take the required action instantly.
  • Question raiser – You can use your pop-up to ask a simple yet attractive question to the visitors. Phrase a small, simple, and eye-catchy question and place it on the first screen of your pop-up along with options of Yes and No. if the visitors click on Yes, you can take them to the next page of the pop-up to perform the particular action like subscribing, providing their email address, filling up a form, etc.

How to design an attractive pop-up?

First and foremost, you must recognize the most important components that a pop-up design must have. The list includes branding, images, content, value proposition, and CTAs. Now, to have a successful pop-up design, here is how you must plan these most important elements.

  • Branding – The pop-up must be in sync with the website design and company logo. This could mean using the same colour scheme, fonts, and language.
  • Images – The pop-up must include images that showcase your products/services, and must be on the whole attractive to the eyes of the visitors.
  • Content – Once your visitors are satisfied with your branding, and attracted to your images, they will further move towards reading your content. The content you place must be equally attractive and must encourage a particular action and create a sense of urgency. Use words that are active, pressing, and persuasive.
  • Value proposition – You may provide an incentive, promotion, or value to your visitors for performing the action you are asking them to take up. This will encourage visitors to do as you want them to.
  • CTAs – Place a CTA in a way that it stands out noticeably on the screen, but don’t make it too flashy. Also, use a compelling phrase that attracts the visitors, while also helping them know where clicking on the button will take them to.

Once you have designed your pop-up, make sure to test it on various devices to confirm that you can provide visitors with an easy user experience on any device they are browsing on.


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