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How Can Digital Transformation Impact Marketing?

Digital transformation is the modifications done to a business and organizational activities and processes to influence changes and opportunities of digital technologies for strategic impact, keeping both present and future situations in mind. The main purpose of digital transformation is to influence the entire business for the better. However, in the process, we all start paying attention to the impact this transformation has on the business as a whole, and what we forget is to check its impact on marketing, which is also a very important part of business success. When considering marketing, the main goal of digital transformation is to reduce expenses and increase customer retention and spend through the use of digital channels. Changes can be brought about through digital content, business strategies, talent development, effective structures, and industry engagement.

However, digital marketing is not as easy as said. It is an exhaustive practice that requires commitment from everyone involved in the digital marketing supply chain. This includes everyone from senior management and HR to content producers, IT, and data and analytics professionals. With every department working towards the change through their own challenges, digital marketing changes the core of the marketing strategy. This is why organizations prefer to hire a professional digital marketing company in India to take care of all their digital marketing strategies and digital transformation plans.

What should marketers do to have a successful digital transformation?

Before going digital, marketers generally plot their strategy towards the general consumers or target market. A marketing strategy can guide consumers through the various stages of the buyer’s journey. But, marketers should not only reorganize their strategy, but they must also alter the entire marketing model. This means that instead of planning to lead the consumers through the buying journey, marketers must work out a strategy that aims at observing the behaviour of individuals through their unique customer journeys, and react consequently. This will ultimately help marketers to identify the variations that indicate a shift in the needs of customers, or changes in their objectives. Using this information and new digital technologies, marketers can then react in real-time with the individual, and deliver to them ads, emails, social media posts, etc. to keep them highly engaged and move them towards making a purchase. In this way, when every individual gets additional information they are looking for at every stage of their buyer journey, it can interest and satisfy them more.

So now, how do you go about with a successful digital transformation? The easiest way is to hire a qualified digital marketing company in India; or you may follow the below mention steps.

  • You must amalgamate data across all divisions within the organizations, as well as with external partners. Without this kind of merger, it will be difficult to know where exactly the customers are in the buying process.
  • For delivering an individualized marketing experience for each individual customer, you need to have a high level of control over their channels so that you can identify the variation points spoken of above, and ensure that you are satisfying customer needs at every stage.
  • Last but not the least, you will have to secure and analyze customer behaviours across digital channels from time to time so that you can gradually improve over what you must to deliver a successful customer-based marketing strategy.


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