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Which Email Marketing Metrics Should You Measure?


With innumerous social media services in India available, majority of people are spending their business funds into investing only in Facebook ads, latest marketing software, etc. because they think these platforms will bring them the highest ROI. But, this is not always true. There is one program that can bring you even higher ROI than these; and that is email marketing. Surprised!? Well, it’s absolutely normal for you to be so. Who would think that the oldest and traditional email marketing practice could still help in gaining ROI when there are other contemporary and better sources of reaching the audience and targeting them? But, contrary to what you think, the truth is that you can possibly get a whopping 4000% ROI for the investment you make in email marketing! However, this can be possible only if you use the right tactics; so, you need to figure out if your emails and campaigns are actually driving business-building results or not. And for this, you need to focus on four basic email marketing metrics, which will help you measure the success of your emails to help you create effective email marketing campaigns.

Delivery rate

The first and foremost metric you must track is the delivery rate, which determines the percentage of emails sent that actually make it to the inbox. In other words, this refers to those emails that pass the spam test for email service providers like Google and Yahoo; and reach out to the people you send out the mail to.

Delivery rate = Delivered emails
Sent emails

A delivery rate percentage is considered good when it is near the value of 90.

Open rate

After you get your emails into the audience’s inbox, you definitely want them to open your mail and read it. This is just what open rate is about. It measures the frequency at which your emails are opened.

Open rate = Unique opens
Received emails

You have roughly 30 characters to catch the eyes of your audience with a subject line. So, take complete advantage of it and use a punchy line, so that you can have your email opened by not hundreds but thousands of people.

Click through rate

Now that your audience has opened your email, you also want them to engage with it by clicking on the link provided by you in the mail to have them subscribe, fill up a form, make a purchase, or do any other activity that you want them to. Click through rate is what helps you know how likely your audience is to engage with the links in your emails.

Click through rate = Unique clicks
Unique opens

This is very important to measure as it helps you measure whether or not people are actually taking the desired actions with your emails as it is clicks that drive visits, engagement, and ultimately sales.

Disengagement rate

Although you have calculated the number of people engaging with your email, it is also crucial to measure the disengagement rate of you email that tells you how likely people dislike your email. This is because it is obvious that your email will always drive some people away because it is impossible for anyone to please and satisfy everyone. But, it is important to see that the majority of people you send your emails to, like your mails.

Disengagement rate = Spam complaints+Unsubscribes
Unique opens

With this measure, you can identify the messaging that does not work, which you can then cut off from your toolbox. Your disengagement rate must not exceed 0.15% or you will start to see a drop in your delivery rate.

With these four metrics, you know what you must be tracking, which if you do appropriately, you can create and maintain an effective email marketing campaign. And obviously, you can also combine an effective social media marketing strategy with your campaign by hiring professional social media services in India to generate more sales and conversions, no matter what your business type and target audience.


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