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Guidelines On Writing Better Ads That Get More Clicks


Pay-per-click or PPC advertisements can prove to be a very effective method of driving targeted traffic to your site if you do it right. You have put in lots of effort to create your ad – you have read blogs about writing high quality ads, spent hours together to craft your campaigns and now are paying for every click made on your ad – but, what if you don’t get what you expect in return? You want to make sure that people are viewing your ad, clicking on it and then clicking through to your website – only then can you call your PPC campaign a success.

Earlier, back in the year 2000, the theory that worked in the online advertising system was that the advertiser who could pay the highest amount would be shown to the viewers, which led to a poor advertising experience. The users would see ads for which advertisers paid higher, which would not be of any relevance to them. Advertisers received visitors landing on their site who were not interested in their products/services. This made Google highly concerned because it had unsatisfied users as well as advertisers.

This was why it came up with changes in 2005, which introduced the system that only ads relevant to the search would be displayed. Thus, users started seeing relevant ads, advertisers started getting interested customers on their site and Google was happy with satisfied users and advertisers.

When you place your ad on an ad network, the networks make money only when a user clicks on your ad. To make more business, such networks actively reward advertisers who have highly clickable ads. The higher the advertiser’s click-through-rate, the lower they have to pay per click. Thus, if you want to lower your cost per click, you will have to provide high quality ads that increase the click-through-rates. Here are a few guidelines on how you can write high quality clickable ads.

Analyze where your customer stands in the buying cycle

You want to give special offers to your users but for that, it is important to know where your customer is at in the buying cycle. Users respond to ads differently depending on where they stand in the buying process, and you must understand this if you want to receive a high click-through-rate on your ads. If your customer is just looking for some information about your product, they will not be interested in your ad that offers an immediate sale. Although if they like your product, they will be going in for a purchase but, this is not what is interesting them at the moment. So, you will have a lower click-through rate here.

Be specific in your ads

Some users are going to write randomly in searches while, some will search for more specific phrases. So, the more specific your ad is to both these kind of searches, the more you will benefit. For example, if you deal in stitching western wear for females like one-pieces and evening gowns, then you must provide an ad stating the same so that when users are searching, they have a greater possibility of approaching you. When they type in for such a search, they will be shown a variety of ads catering to phrases like stitching women’s wear, tailoring, etc. and in the midst of those ads, they will get to see your ad stating stitching of one-pieces and evening gowns. So, your ad will be grabbing the most attention as compared to ads that provide general tailoring services.

Include benefits and calls-to-action

Apart from being specific, you need to let users know the benefits of having a deal with you and provide calls-to-action that lead them to making the deal. Let the users know what products and services they can get from you and what additional benefits you have to offer. Compel them to reach you by using words like talk, send, buy, subscribe, try, etc. and to have immediate results, end your statements with words like now, right away, immediately, instantly, etc.

Now, you have an idea of how you can increase your click-through rate, decrease your cost-per-click and get great results. If you are still unsure that you will be able to do it and need assistance, you can approach Jain Technosoft, a leading digital marketing company in India, who has all the expertise for creating and marketing different types of ads.


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