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Important SEO practices to keep in mind for 2015


The rules of Search Engine Optimization change almost every year. The only thing which does not change is the basic SEO rules. Therefore if you stick to some of the basic rules you can surely beat the crowd and make a lasting impact.

Here are some of the SEO steps, which we understand as being crucial for the year 2015.

  1. Content is still the King

Nothing can beat a good, readable and original content. This is one of the basic rules of SEO which has remained a constant with every passing year. A good content is one which provides value to its users. Thus focus on creating content which is well written, easy to understand and decreases the bounce rate of your website.

  1. Pay attention to Local Optimization

With great progress in smartphone technology and mobile internet there has been a significant rise in the locally based searches. Thus it is advisable to gear your website towards local searches. You can do this through “Google My Business”, which provides a combination of several Google services for local business. All you need to do is enlist accurately across these services so that your business can be found on all the search platforms.

  1. Focus on usability of the website

Rather than the speed of your site, it is its usability for the end-user which needs to be focused on. Thus pay attention to build quick, responsive and user-friendly sites. Also as mentioned earlier, these days majority people access websites from their mobile phones. So it has become even more important that you come up with a site which is mobile-friendly, have legible fonts, are loaded with zooming and panning options and have icons which can be easily swiped and clicked

  1. Polish the structure of Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

An organized URL, helps in the better crawling of your website documents. Having simple, clear and informative URLs gives you an ethical edge as it helps in creating “friendly” URLs. Even though Google Crawlers can crawl any kind of URL, it is advisable to create simple and understandable URLs.

  1. Give importance to online customer reviews

Reviews go a long way in determining the traffic to your website. Thus not only should you encourage online customer reviews through sites like Google Places, Yahoo Local and Yelp; but must also do the needful to address the negative feedbacks as well as queries. This will not only make your website SEO friendly, but will also boost your online sales and goodwill.

Above all diligently follow the policies and guidelines of Google and other search engines. It is highly recommended that you take the services of professional SEO analysts, so that you can improve upon the quality, visibility as well as efficiency of your website.

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