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How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Your Business


Use of social media sites in order to increase traffic and expand reach of your website is known as social media marketing. With majority people spending a good amount of their waking hours online, it is only sensible that you market yourself well on all the major social media platforms.

While many see the social media as a powerful tool to canvas their company and products, there is still a section of entrepreneurs are yet to understand the ways in which their company can benefit from social media marketing. We are the leading web design company in India and social media marketing is one of our most sought after services. Based on our experience of successfully online marketing for clients from various industries, here is a list of ways in which your company too can benefit from social media marketing.

Customer Engagement

The first step to market your company well is through engaging the customer. And it is here that social media is the most helpful tool. Being conversational in nature, social media helps you connect and engage with your customers is a more active way. So whether you aim to launch a product or want to know the popular opinion about your existing products and services, social media can help you with it. It is also a platform through which you can address the queries, positive negative comments and potential threats to your company; thereby setting the record straight.

Increase in Revenue Creation

Another advantage of social media is that you can very easily widen your customer base, accentuate traffic on your site, promote special deals and offers and there by create continuous interest in your products.

Increase Brand Recognition and Building Brand Loyalty

Being active on all the major social media platforms helps in increasing the visibility of your company. This increase in visibility will help you create new customers and makes your brand more recognizable for the existing customers. An increase in brand recognition will further trigger an increase in brand loyalty. A group of loyal customer base is quite essential for any company to generate revenues and goodwill. Thus social media marketing helps you increase your brand recognition as well as build your brand loyalty.

Decrease in Marketing Cost

According to latest surveys, it takes around six hours of effort per week to generate an increase in traffic on your site. Practically, six hours is not at all a huge investment on a channel as large as social media. Thus with around one hour per day, six days a week – you can experience a positive increase in the traffic and visibility of your site. Apart from this, the charges of paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook too are not that high. So give this a try and reap benefits.

Better Search Engine Optimization

One of the critical requirements for online success is better search engine optimization. Today it takes more than just regular blog update and optimized title tags to be on the top rankings of search engines. Google and other search engines also calculate their rankings based on social media presence as a significant factor. Also being active on social media shows your brand as legitimate and trustworthy, thereby generating greater traffic and increased conversion rate.

These are some of the major ways in which your company can benefit from social media marketing. It is always advisable to take up the services of professionals in order to get a right strategy for social media marketing.

So in case you are yet to use this medium of advertising or are not satisfied with your present social media marketing plan, get in touch with us. The professional team at Jain Technosoft, the best SEO Company in India, will provide you with a cost-effective and targeted plan which will help you reach across your customers and increase your revenues.


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