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How useful are reviews for SEO?


How important are reviews for a business? Have you ever thought over this? We’ll tell you. Almost 90% of customers read reviews before deciding to visit a business. 88% of customers highly trust online reviews. 72% of customers will take a step forward only after they read

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Working Towards Global SEO Success


Everything is going global today. A majority of businesses are striving to make a global presence, for which they are working hard to gain visibility on SERPs. But, with thousands of businesses in every field and every business competing with another, is it going to be easy

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Google Will Soon Penalize Sites With Intrusive Interstitials


On April 21, 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in SERPs. This Mobilegeddon was an effort to make the Web more accessible to users by supporting mobile-friendly sites in mobile SERPs. Deciding whether a page is mobile-friendly or not

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Should eCommerce Businesses Blog?


We all know how blogging has lots of benefits. It helps you produce new content on your website; it lets Google and other search engines notice you; and thus, helps in gaining better ranks in SERPs. But, how beneficial is blogging for an eCommerce store? If you

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Tips On Placing Ads On Your Website


Branding strategies do not involve only getting your brand noticed; it involves a lot more. You need to build trust and develop brand awareness too. One way you can achieve this is by selling space on your Webpage for ads. As was the case earlier when placing

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Most Important SEO Considerations While Setting Up A New Blog


Google considers many factors while deciding upon whether a blog is relevant to a particular search query or not, and how it should rank in SERPs. First of all, it checks for the relevancy of your content. It then checks for any authoritative links that connect to

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Transformation Of SEO


SEO has been around for a long time, ever since search engines have become popular. With time, it has been constantly evolving and the complexity of the search algorithms is only increasing. SEO has changed significantly since its origin and will continue to change even more in

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4 Useful Low-Cost Tactics To Improve Your SEO


Google is crawling your site regularly and quickly indexes new pages on your site. You know this and in order to have the best SEO, you have put up a strong keyword strategy, you have included all your main keywords across all the pages on your site,

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Creating Connections With Link Building


SEO is not only about marketing tactics and manipulations; it’s about building connections. Links are the means of connection between two people. This is why backlinks are the most important factor to ranking any site and thus to SEO. If done in the right way, link building

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What Makes A Poor Content Marketing Strategy?


Are you getting the kind of engagement from your audience that you have been expecting? No!? Content is king, and bet you know that! So, you need to find out if there is an issue with your content. Content marketing strategy is one that needs to be

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