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Which WordPress Plugins Can Increase Your Social Media Presence?


We all know the power of social media today. Getting viral on social media is the best way to bring your brand in front of a large audience from across the state, country, and also across the globe! WordPress has multitude of plugins that allow sharing of an article on a variety of social media networks. However, WordPress is not limited to sharing alone. There are many other ways to make a website social, and a professional digital marketing company in India will make sure to utilize all possible ways to have your content or website appear in front of a large number of audiences.

Content broadcasting

If you regularly keep blogging multiple times a week, sharing your posts manually on multiple social media networks can be very time-consuming. Instead, you can use the NextScripts: social Networks Auto Poster to automatically share your posts as soon as they are published. Along with broadcasting your post, you can also limit the frequency of posting to a particular number of days, hours, and minutes, as per your requirements. You can also use the Click or Tweet plugins to generate tweets that can be directly shared by readers, or use the Revive Old Post to have your old posts re-shared on Twitter.

Social following

The more followers you have on social media, the better your networking can get because a long list of followers will make it easier for you to push traffic to your website. You can add links to your social media profiles in the header and sidebar of your website to increase the number of followers. WordPress offers a good amount of social follow plugins for this purpose; one of the most useful one being Social Media Flying Icons, a highly-rated popular plug-in that offers 30 different icon styles with easy configuration. Moreover, this plug-in loads only the necessary icons, thus avoiding website loading speed issues.

Content locking

You can compel your readers to share your content on social media in an interesting way by content locking. This is a technique that allows you to hide certain amount of content from your readers, which if they wish to read, they will have to share it first with others on social media. This will help you boost up the number of shares on your blog! However, you need to make sure that the first part of your content should be informative and interesting enough so that readers really would like to share your content to view the rest of the part that is hidden. Also, avoid using this technique on all of your posts, or it may prove annoying for your readers and drive them away! OnePress Social Locker is the plug-in you can use to hide your content. this plug-in will help you see what content gets unlocked the most through its analytics feature, and it also comes with customization options to help you create your own extensions.


Encouraging a conversation related to your content is an excellent way to gain attention from visitors. Therefore, the process of commenting is important and equally important is developing a community of loyal readers. To make the commenting process quick and easy on your website, you can use the Social Comments plug-in, where your readers will not have to enter any details like their name, email or password every time they wish to comment. Instead, they can use their existing Google+, Facebook, or Disqus accounts to do so.

Use the above mentioned tactics and plugins to bring in huge traffic potential to your website by making it social. However, WordPress is not limited to only these techniques or plugins. There is lots you can do with WordPress to increase the number of readers for your content. hiring a digital marketing company in India will prevent you from worrying about all of this as they will themselves take care and put in efforts to increase the visibility of your website on social media, thus bringing in more traffic.


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