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SEO Ranking Factors For 5 Different Industries Explained!


SEO! SEO! SEO! It’s all about ranking higher on SERPs for businesses with websites, and SEO plays the most crucial part here. But, with millions of websites in every niche, how do you make yours land up on the first page of major search engines? The easiest way is by hiring proficient SEO services in India who know the ins and outs of the game, and can help you wisely to achieve long-lasting outcomes. However, if you want to dive deeper into how you can rank, read the blog below.

There are many ranking factors like number of referring domains, HTTPS, internal links, canonical tags, content length, keywords used, mobile-friendliness, branding, etc. that play important roles in the process. However, every different industry has different ranking factors that are important to rank higher. After a research and some studying, we have come up with a list of the most popular keywords for different industries and what makes the best performing websites excel. So, if you wish to learn what you should be focusing upon to perform well in your industry, read the blog below that covers the fashion, jewellery, insurance, travel and mortgage industries.

The fashion industry

This market is the largest of all the five segments researched. The keyword sets included in this industry focused on both male and female keywords. However, when both of them were split, the clear winner was for women with the keyword – ‘dresses’. The most searched for and clicked term in the fashion industry is dresses, and the best performing websites have an on-page structure with hyperlinks and internal links that point to various different types of dresses. Female-specific websites lead the industry as the best performing websites.

The jewellery industry

The jewellery market is dominated by the brick-and-mortar stores. ‘Engagement rings’ is the most popular search term that drives in thousands of clicks every month. However, the highest ranking websites do not have authority, number of referring domains, number of links, HTTPS, internal links, page speed, or self-referring canonical as the ranking signals. What they excel in is the brand+keyword searches; thus depicting that brand relevancy plays the major role. Also, the highest ranking websites have a great number of keyword sets to rank for.

The insurance industry

The insurance market is dominated by aggregators due to the way people search for insurance related products. Out of all the various types of insurances available, it is ‘vehicle insurance’ that leads with 61% searches being made. Vehicle insurance provides the largest returns into overall number of clicks. The next in line are holiday insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, etc. After researching the best performing websites in the vehicle insurance category, we concluded that the focus is not on referring domains or most authoritative domain; thus showing a move away from link-based ranking metrics. Adding to that, link authority, number of links, internal links, HTTPS, page speed, or content are not deciding factors. Instead, brand relevancy to the product and engagement lead the industry.

The travel industry

While planning a holiday, searchers go through all the data that is available to ensure that they get the best offers and deals in the best place possible, without missing out on anything. Also, with the rise in mobile usage, people are into the research phase for a long time, thus increasing the dwell time. ‘Cheap holidays’ is the most popular search term with lakhs of searches per month! The top ranking websites in this industry do not have the largest number of referring domains, authority, content, or internal links. But, they lead the market in regards to relevancy by excelling in brand+keyword searches.

The mortgage industry

The mortgage industry is dominated by mortgage lenders. After a thorough research and digging into a lot of data, we come to a conclusion that authority, links, HTTPS, content, and page speed are not the highest ranking signal here. It is the ‘calculator’ keyword that leads the mortgage searches made and has the most search volume and estimated clicks; thus contributing a massive amount to the overall market. The highest ranking websites in the industry use ‘mortgage calculator’ as their keyword that has made them to reach millions of clicks and the highest market share. However, the websites that are best ranking for this keyword term have significant breaks in information content on other processes like help-to-buy, first-time-buyer guides, buy-to-let, etc.

After all the research in the five leading sectors, we can clearly conclude that authority, number of referring domains, HTTPS, internal links, and mobile-friendliness are not the most important ranking signals. Page speed and content are important, but again, not the most important. The most important ranking signals are keywords in the meta title and header tags, and the brand+keywords search volume. So, no matter what you do, if your brand in not relevant to the product, you are nowhere. Thus, instead of placing focus only on link and authority acquisition, start building your brand too. Professional and experienced SEO services in India can help you.


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