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Logo Designing Rules You Mustn’t Miss!


We all know that finalizing on a perfect logo is one of the most important elements of a company’s branding process. This is because the logo visually represents the company’s brand and its value in front of customers. It is a graphic representation of a company’s message, and it stands as the identity of the brand. Moreover, people are more likely to remember a company by its logo. Therefore, a good logo is very important in creating awareness and attracting new customers towards a brand. And, do you know that the logo is one of the major deciding factors that can influence people on whether to buy from the brand or not!?

So, you can now see the importance of a logo for a business. This is why people hire special designers for getting their logo done. You can also get in touch with a qualified Web design company in India to get all your business branding elements designed just perfectly. So, what do you mean by ‘perfect’ here? Generally, we see designers opting for a minimal design with a simple text, and a symbol, picture, or illustration that can capture the essence of the brand’s message, rather than a very complicated design that does not connect, or is difficult for the audience to remember. Here are certain rules that you must follow while designing your logo in order to draft the perfect one.

First, do a research

The first and foremost step you need to perform is research. Things get better with a little research; and same goes while designing a logo too. You need to understand what’s new and fresh in the market, you need to see what your competitors are doing, and you need to drive inspiration for devising the right designing strategy for your logo. Along with research, you also need to know which styles and combinations will work for your particular industry and business; and this is where you need a professional designer to help you out!


Originality is what you need in every field today to achieve success. Although you have researched what is going on around, have taken inspiration from your competitors, and also need to align with the latest design trends, you needn’t copy or imitate anyone. While staying in line with the fresh trends, you also need to put in your own original designs, vision, and expression. After all, you need a unique yet easily recognizable logo.

Font and colour

The text style and colours are two very important elements of a logo. You need to use the font and colour that blends well with your business and its image. For example, if you are into a professional business like that of a doctor or lawyer, your logo should look subtle and professional. You can’t opt for fancy fonts and bright contrasting colours. Similarly, if you are into the fashion or entertainment industry, you can play with fonts and bright colours. Whatever you do, you must make sure that your font and colours not only blend with your business image, but also complement each other. Manage your choices carefully and express simplicity, professionalism, and reliability in whatever you do.


Once you have designed the perfect logo, you need to be very careful with its placement. Placing your logo on different advertising media means different placements for the right kind of effect and attraction. It isn’t necessary that if you place your logo on the top right corner of your website, you need to place it just there in all your promotional copies. Every kind of medium – visiting card, brochure, flyer, banner, letterhead – requires a different logo placement. Wherever you place your logo, it is important that it prominently stands out, and there are no other elements around the logo to compete with.

Device compatibility

We all know how people are using different gadgets and browsers to view a single website. It could be desktops, smartphones, tablets, or television screens – you need the right scalability and compatibility for different screens and browsers. Have you noticed how big companies have shifted from bold 3D logos to simpler flatter designs now? This is because flat and simple styles scale better, and are compatible with most browsers.

Now that you know the rules of thumb for logo designing, utilize them in the best possible way to design your brand’s logo. Whether you opt for a hand drawn logo or graphics logo, pay attention to all the details mentioned above. The best you can do is hire a professional Web design company in India who can take care of all the professionalism and detail, and bring to you the perfectly designed logo for your brand!


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