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What Impact Does A Logo Have On Branding?

what-impact-does-a-logo-have-on-brandingAlthough many people confuse logo and brand to be the same, there is a difference between the two. Branding is the complete business image, and logo is the symbol or icon with which a business is identified. Both of them have different roles to build the image of a business/organization.

A brand is the image of a business and its products/services that helps connect with customers. Branding is the process of marketing this image by the company to have it more recognized by people. Therefore, it is the asset of the company to build up a good reputation and set standards for its products and services. Another misconception that lingers in the minds of people is that the logo is the only element of building a brand, but there are many other elements to contribute too. Identity design is one such element, where a set of guidelines are decided to specify how and where the design will be administered. The layout, colour pallets, size, fonts and application medium need to be approved by the company for a successful identity design. Another element that you must consider is the packaging of products and mode of delivery. It should be such that it induces a sense of security and guarantee in the minds of your customers.

A logo is not only about its design with a few fonts and colours, but it is about building a complete corporate image of the brand that aims at signifying the purpose of existence. A logo should be made in a way that it reflects the nature of your business. It isn’t necessary to design a vibrant and dazzling logo; reputed brands have been seen to be using simple and small, yet unique logos for their brand. Your logo should also be unique, yet easy to recognize and remember. It has been seen that images and graphics are much easier to be remembered than a text or tagline. Because a logo is mainly for easy identification of the company and its products/services, it must represent the presence of the company and build a sense of trust among people towards it.

It is advisable to hire professional logo designers or seek assistance from a logo designing company to help you develop the perfect logo design that best suits your brand. Experienced logo designers in India can help in building simple and scalable logo designs that will definitely serve as a useful marketing tool for your business. Whether you outsource or build one in-house, make sure to have a simple, unique and memorable logo that helps in building the identity of your brand.

After deciding on a relevant logo, you must also see to it that the design, colour and style of all other items like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc. have harmony. Also, the marketing collaterals like brochures, websites and flyers should be focused upon to be in synchronization. Further, the interior and exterior of your offices and outlets must also be in line with the scheme decided as they highly represent your company.


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