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Web Designing Basics You Must Know About

web-designing-basics-you-must-know-aboutIt’s all about looks and appearance today. Whatever sells is because of its looks. So, when you want to sell your brand, products or services online, it is your website that needs to look appealing. No matter how many efforts you put in, no matter how much you spend, no matter how good and informative your content is, nothing is going to sell if you can’t present it well. This is why we have compiled a list of the basics that every website owner should know so that he can come up with a beautiful and useful website. Obviously, if you hire a proficient Web designing company, you need not worry about it as they will take complete care. But, you should always be clear about the basics yourself too.

A perfect blend

No website can be appealing if it contains only chunks of text, or images alone. You cannot imagine a website with only words or only images. You need a perfect balance of both text and visuals to have an effective website. This is where a graphic design company in India can help. Relevant images placed along with text create interest and adds to the look of the page. Moreover, you can break large chunks of text by using headings, bullet points and paragraphs so that it breaks away the boredom. Also, make sure to keep your lines short to average length, ranging between 35 to 75 characters as these can be absorbed better.

Enough white space

You have lots of information to share with your readers. You want them to have all they want on your site, which is why you provide them with everything. In the process, you add up lots of text, images, videos, infographics and more. This results in not an informative, but a cluttered and disturbing site. You must instead provide enough white space between different elements to make the page look appealing, as well as help readers to scan through different sections easily.


Just like too many words and images create clutter, so do multiple colours used together. Use minimum amount of colours on a single page. Further, every colour represents a different quality. For example, blue represents trust and sobriety, red represents vigour and excitement, and yellow represents liveliness and joy. Depending on what kind of emotions you wish to evoke within your readers, you must choose an appropriate colour scheme. Colours do have a serious influence on your users.


What kind of fonts should you use on your site? You may consider using fancy fonts to make your page look distinctive and creative. However, you may be wrong on this one. You must in fact use simple and basic fonts in simple colours that make your text readable, unlike what fancy fonts can do. Also, fancy fonts may not give your page a professional feel.

These are just the very basics of a Website design. There is a lot that needs to be considered while designing a website and every single page of it. This is why Web designing professionals are hired to take care of it as they know their job well.


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