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Should You Use Parallax Scrolling In Website Designing?


Website design is a very important element for any business, because if the design is appropriate, attractive, and useful, it will attract and engage more customers with the brand. And, you obviously want more traffic coming in to your website, and more users sticking to your site for longer. So, for this, you definitely need to focus your attention on using the best design elements on your site in the most appropriate manner. One such element is ‘parallax scrolling’.

Parallax scrolling, or asymmetric scrolling, is a design element that creates a 2D impact, wherein the foreground images move faster than the background. This layering of speed provides users with an engrossing experience. HTML and CSS3 are the two main elements that are used together to weave this kind of scrolling. Parallax scrolling is applied to the websites that have a lot of content and are too long to scroll. This helps users to scroll through the visual effects without having to wait for the page to load, because the page will appear as and when the users scroll down. This avoids the process of splitting a website into multiple pages with lots of content. An experienced Web design company in India can help you use this design element beautifully on your site. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you plan to apply parallax scrolling to your website.

Page loading time

We know that the waiting time for users has gradually been decreasing, and has now reached to only 5 seconds. If your website doesn’t load in 5 seconds, you are sure to drive away the users. But, we also read that parallax scrolling increases loading time. So, how do we work towards achieving lower loading time with parallax scrolling? For this, you must avoid using heavy components like high resolution images so that your chances of slow loading are minimal. So, carefully use and place all the elements on your site.


Parallax scrolling should be applied such that it provides users with a wonderful Web experience while also bringing your message across. However, this is not generally possible. Parallax scrolling is used best when you need to showcase a portfolio, or are trying to convey a new idea or message. It is not a good idea to use parallax scrolling if you want to sell your products/services, or provide more information about them.

SEO consideration

As we know that a website needs to be optimized for search engines to get the best results; and this is what you must remember while adding parallax to your site too. As mentioned above, parallax scrolling reduces the number of pages on a site. This means that there will be lesser content, meaning focusing on only a few keywords; thus reducing rankings on SERPs. Moreover, with a longer Web page, it makes loading time too heavy on mobile phones. Therefore, you need to eliminate parallax scrolling from mobiles. Now, coming to the SEO perspective, there are certain things you can do like applying one-page Web design with parallax scrolling using JQuery, multiple parallax scrolling website on SEO architecture, parallax scrolling on homepage with regular SEO architecture, etc. To implement all of this perfectly, you will need the assistance of a professional Web design company in India.


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