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What Is The Right Way To Use Hashtags?


Hashtag or the (#) sign has become one of the most used symbols today; and also a powerful one; thanks to social media. Born in August 2007, the hashtag became a popular way to group and categorize posts using a keyword/phrase; and it continues to do so. In fact, they have now become more of a phenomenon on social media platforms. What’s more? Even businesses today use hashtags to kindle discussions about their brand and products/services! Today, hashtags have become an important part of marketing. However, hashtags can bring positive outcomes only when used appropriately. When used inappropriately, hashtags can bring unfavourable results to the heights of putting off customers against your brand altogether! Just like any other marketing element, even hashtags have their own Do’s and Don’ts, which need to be followed to keep a business at the top. Several companies have experienced success with the integration of appropriate hashtags into their marketing strategies. You must hire a qualified digital marketing company in India to help you with placing the right hashtags at the right places, and also to use other effective marketing elements into your strategies for the best results. Also, this blog will help you know the right ways of using hashtags.

Don’t hashtag every word

It is true that content with hashtags receive double the engagement by users today than content without hashtags. But, it is equally true that a sentence or phrase with one or two hashtags has higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags. This clearly shows that you shouldn’t stuff your content with hashtags, and must use them only where necessary. Limiting your hashtags to one or two in number is a good idea.

Make hashtags easy to read

Your hashtags should be noticeable and easy to read. The first and foremost rule for this is to capitalize the first letter of each word in a hashtag. Capitalization provides clarity to the message you are presenting by avoiding any kind of vagueness of where one word ends and the next begins.

Use trending hashtags

Gaining brand exposure becomes easier when one uses trending and popular hashtags. You can use the search bars of social media platforms to browse keywords relevant to your topic and find the most trending hashtag that you can use. This will show all the posts that have used the particular hashtag. The more posts that have used the hashtag, the larger audience you will be able to reach by using it.

Use hashtags where they are most relevant

Including trending hashtags within the content is important, but not at the cost of including completely irrelevant ones. If you use popular hashtags only to attract a larger audience, but you do so in an irrelevant post, remember that you won’t be attracting them; instead you will drive them away forever!

Don’t use long hashtags

Anything longer than required can become complicated. This is why you must also avoid using long hashtags so that it doesn’t become difficult for consumers to read. Keeping your hashtags short and sweet is the best way to make it understandable, memorable, and impactful.

Feel free to use hashtags within your content

Don’t limit your hashtags to only your titles and phrases, or at the beginning or end of your content. You can use them in the middle of your content too, provided it is relevant and appropriately placed. Using hashtags in the midst of your content and intertwining it correctly can highlight a particular statement.


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