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4 Tips To Revive Your Languish Website


Are you concerned about having a site that has been inactive for quite long, or one that is not seeing the kind of required traffic coming in? For a site to be successful, it needs to be useful and relevant for the visitors, while also being well-designed. To revive a website that has been sitting around idly for quite some time now, you need to follow these four design tips. Professional Web design services India can help you look at all that isn’t working for your site so that those elements are removed and replaced with something that will work just perfectly.

Use appropriate typography

There have been a lot many fonts that have been used on websites for long years like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Lucida, impact, Georgia, etc. But now, font selection for websites has highly increased with the introduction of @font-face. Font files can now be included along with other resources that a website needs to use to display properly. You can now have your website use included font files that allows the site to access to an amazing range of font choices used in the design. However, with so many fonts to use from, one important aspect is how you utilize them. Typography is not just about font selection, it is about the size and colour you choose too. How you depict different messages for different impact is of utmost importance. You need to make it easy as well as enjoyable for your readers to read the fonts so that your message comes out loud and clear.

Avoid clutter

You always want to add more to your website. You want to provide your users with more information, you want to add more beauty to your website, you want to show off all your creativity skills. But, stop! Adding more and more to your website will only make your website cluttered. Everything you wish to add is definitely not necessary. Remember that less is more, so keep your website simple yet effective. More options and fanciful stuff can make it difficult for your visitors to make certain choices. Reduce your elements and improve clarity.

Have enough of white space

Once you have got all your elements right, you need to provide every element on your website enough emphasis. This is where white space can help. You need to provide adequate space around every element on your site like images, text, call-to-action buttons, etc. to bring the best impact out of all. Effectively using white space can be the best way to let users understand each element individually without getting confused or distracted. Remember that your website is not a newspaper where you need to utilize every column of space to fill it up with content. Aggressive use of space on websites can lead to visitor annoyance. Provide an enjoyable and comfortable reading experience to your visitors by giving them enough space to concentrate on individual elements separately.

Design to enable conversions

Having a beautiful looking site is not enough. There are many useful elements you need to consider while designing your site. Visitors are definitely delighted to land on an aesthetically pleasing website, but remember that they are there for something else. They have a purpose of landing on your site. It could be to search for information, shop for your products/services, to become a member, to complete an enquiry form, to become a subscriber, or anything else. Although the visual appearance will help them connect more emotionally to your website, but if you can’t provide the elements that can help them accomplish their task, all your design efforts are sure to go down the drain. You must have unique, relevant, and high-quality images; descriptive and understandable text; a pleasant and appealing colour scheme; readable fonts; and easy and smooth navigation. But, with so many elements and so many decisions to be made how would you know if you have made the right decision choices for your visitors? Use A/B testing to compare the results between two variants of a design. It will help you see what works and what doesn’t work for better conversion. After measuring and comparing the results, you can understand what changes you need to make, which will ultimately help you decide on the final design.


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